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Deities of Godville
Hero Keleicea
Personality virtuous
Gender Male
Order of the Monster God

In the centuries and centuries past, the benevolent Lady, Miracelle, the gracious goddess of Light, has watched over humanity from her seat far above the earthly realm. Unto all whom she looked kindly upon, she bestowed blessings of sunshine and warmth, happiness and peace, health and fortune.

However, as the centuries went on, gods and goddesses of greater power and aggressiveness rose. Miracelle’s power was not as strong as the others, and proper worship gradually dwindled away. Fields of wheat which once flourished with her magnificent Light now withered. Her great name became unknown among the common people, and even the temples that were dedicated to her glory became abandoned and left at the mercy of golden-brick raiders.

Miracelle was greatly saddened at this, as she could do nought but watch as the lands below fell to ruin. How she wished to restore her power. And how she hoped for one through whom she could work her will.

But one day, a brave, dashing man appeared. He was noble yet kind, and gifted with the power of Miracelle’s Light. Some, who had held fast to their old religion, even said that he was the very incarnation of the Lady. Could he be the one who could bring back the once famous power of Miracelle?

Notable Quotes

“This remote control thing isn’t working out. I think I’ll work on taking over your soul.”

“Um…you DO get smarter later on, right?”

“All your gold is belong to me.”

“Sometimes I feel more like your personal cheerleader than a goddess.”

My Amazing Brilliance

Accepted Ideabox submissions. Moved from my chronicles since it took up too much space.

Diary Phrases
07/01/19 10:11PM %pet_name% climbed on my shoulders to help make us look larger and more intimidating to the %monster%.
05/14/19 02:52PM Arrived late to the questboard and there was only one quest remaining. Looks like I'm forced to %quest%.
03/18/19 06:56PM Entered a raffle and won some healing items. Awesome!
03/07/19 06:07PM %rg%, I swear the sudden appearance of this %monster% and the stain on my pants have nothing to do with each other.
12/21/18 01:56PM The music gradually changed to a cheerful, upbeat tune as I stepped into %town%.
08/18/15 04:16PM Did a performance on the streets in attempt to earn extra money. In other news, I'm having tomato soup tonight.
08/10/15 09:10PM Shouted “%skill_name%” at the %monster%. While it was preparing to receive the blow, I ran away.
07/13/15 03:56PM Laughed at a %monster% stuck in a bear trap. Immediately after, I got stuck in a beer trap.
06/24/15 12:21AM Thought I was making good time and travelling quickly. Turns out someone was scribbling extra zeros on the milestones.
06/20/15 01:39PM As I watch my life flash before my eyes, I've got to say, it's quite repetitive.
06/16/15 12:08PM Saw an elder telling his grandson that death was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. How I wish that were true for me.
06/13/15 12:43PM I'm starting to regret not spending more money at the last town now.
06/11/15 01:28AM Uh, %rg%, you've resurrected me on the roof of your temple. Could I get some help getting down please?
06/10/15 01:11PM Took an IQ test. %rg%, did you know that it is possible to have negative IQ points?
06/08/15 12:34PM Was just mourning over %friend_name%'s corpse when {his|her} newly resurrected body walked past. Awkward.
05/26/15 10:32AM %pet_name% just tried to imitate me using my %skill_name% skill. I feel so touched by his adorable attempt.
05/20/15 03:21PM Damn! I just remembered that I haven't fed %pet_name% yet. %rg%, please ressurect me before my leg gets chewed off.
05/20/15 03:17PM Sometimes I wish I had more uneventful days. Then I remember that my uneventful days are spent dead.
04/19/15 01:37PM A brilliant beam of light shone from the heavens as %random_hero% rose up from {his|her} grave. Almighty, why can't my ressurections be as impressive as that?
04/07/15 12:33AM Flipped a coin to decide which path to take. I probably should have picked whether heads was left or right first.
03/25/15 10:01PM The %monster% may have beaten me to death and stolen all my loot and gold, but at least it left me my diary and pen so I could provide occasion updates.
03/16/15 01:22PM Oh, look, that cave is now open for tourists! And it says here that if you enter with a group, the first 100 steps are free!
02/18/15 07:48PM A %monster% leapt out and shouted, “Your money or your life!” Hey, I was about to say that!
02/15/15 02:15PM My fingers slipped and I accidentally threw %artifact% into the campfire. Quickly pretended I was offering a sacrifice.
02/14/15 10:23PM All the health potions I’ve been chugging almost made me too full to go to the bar. But, you know. Almost.
02/11/15 05:31PM The %monster% cried, “I will not not not not lose to you!” Unfortunately the negatives canceled out and it was defeated, leaving behind %artifact%.
01/19/15 05:29PM A catchy tune played as soon as I finished my quest to %quest%. Took the chance to strike a heroic pose while I was being showered with gold coins.
01/13/15 06:37PM %rg%, have you ever considered how much quicker I would be done if you were fine with normal bricks?
01/07/15 09:41AM Wave my arms around and chanted bizarre words in attempt to summon a monster. All I got were strange stares from the other people in the bar.
01/04/15 07:00PM Just found out the warranty on my %equipment% becomes null and void on event of my death. Damn!
12/26/14 01:15PM A group of heroes just exited the dungeon with bulging bags and told me that they’d already plundered all there was to plunder. Maybe next time, %rg%.
11/22/14 01:46PM An older and more experienced hero gave me a free gold brick out of goodwill. That was such a kind… Hey, wait! Why am I missing %gold% coins?
11/01/14 10:55PM I don’t always %current_quest%, but when I do, I quit halfway.
10/23/14 01:36PM Instead of wasting my money on new equipment, I headed over to the blacksmith to fix up my current equipment.
08/05/14 04:10PM %pet_name% just relieved himself on the feet of a town guard. I — I’m going to pretend I don’t own him.
07/30/14 01:43PM I really hope that, one day, if I keep doing what I’m doing, I will figure out what the hell I’m actually doing.
07/01/14 02:17AM I’ve been furiously stepping on this crack for the last five minutes and nothing’s happening to the monster’s back.
06/27/14 12:35PM %hero_name% has defeated the %monster%! {He|She} claims %gold% and…why am I speaking in third person?
06/23/14 08:05PM As I gazed into my glass of beer, the face of a beautiful woman appeared, begging me to %quest%. Well, who am I to question what my beer tells me to do.
05/05/14 09:07AM Ran out of Action Points. Heading back to town to refill.
05/01/14 09:17AM Stupid vulture! Stop circling over me!
04/05/14 01:42PM A unicorn walked into the bar, sat down and began to chat to the bartender. Decided I had had enough to drink and left.
03/03/14 09:53PM Saw a bunch of woodland animals congratulating a turtle which had just crossed what looked like a finish line. Turned around and went back to roasting a rabbit I’d caught.
02/22/14 03:02PM Saw a sign outside a shop that read “Get you’re armor polished here.” Someone had scribbled “*your” on the bottom.
01/26/14 01:16PM What an incredibly detailed and realistic painting of … oh, wait, it’s just a mirror.
12/24/13 02:35PM They say good things take time. Great One, if I take more time finishing this quest, I’m sure to get a better reward!
Earthly News
06/17/15 07:05PM Browsing the souvenir shops near the entrance...
05/06/15 12:47AM Signing the guestbook at the hospital...
04/21/15 11:01AM Taking another free sample while the trader isn't looking...
02/20/15 06:04PM Fiddling with {his|her} health bar...
02/07/15 11:35AM Sympathizing with fleeing monsters…
01/07/15 02:22PM Struggling to pronounce {his|her} friends’ names…
12/06/14 01:16PM Popping other people’s personal bubbles…
04/24/14 12:54PM Staring intently at the counter, wondering if he/she is missing something obvious…
01/13/14 11:59PM Casting a line to fish for compliments…
Duel Phrases
06/24/15 08:15PM “Is that all you've got?” %defender% taunted. %attacker% demonstrated that it wasn't, but smashing {him||her} again.
06/16/15 12:20PM %defender% drops down and pretends to be passed out. %attacker% doesn't care and bashes {him||her} anyway.
05/29/15 11:39PM %defender% is distracted by a noise from above, allowing %attacker% to squeeze in a strike.
04/19/15 02:06PM %attacker% didn't realise %defender%'s turn was already over and consequently missed {his|her} turn.
04/22/15 02:15PM %defender% jumps in to intercept %attacker_god%'s healing beam, but discovers that it is a death ray instead.
Dungeon Phrases
06/17/15 02:00PM “You've got a team of heroes? Well, I've got a %boss_monster%,” an unknown voice says over the intercom as the ceiling opens and a %boss_monster% jumps down.
06/16/15 12:48PM A huge book chained to the pedestal struggles to break free.
06/13/15 12:32AM Fumes in this room causes %random_hero% to fall into a momentary trance. When {he|she} snaps out of it, {he|she} tells the others of magnificent riches to the %dir%.
06/04/15 11:42PM The heroes hurt their brains trying to figure out how there is a window looking out into a meadow in this room.
06/04/15 11:40PM Screams of terror can be heard from beyond a trapdoor. The heroes would rather not find out what is happening up there.
05/05/15 02:24AM %random_hero% accidentally knocks over a box and is relieved to find a skeleton fall out instead of a trap or a monster.
05/05/15 02:22AM The heroes are doomed to roam this room for eternity, or until the next turn.
04/30/15 11:56PM There signs of someone dragging a huge sack toward the %dir%.
04/26/15 02:05PM The heroes face the direction their deity wishes for them to go, and walk backwards.
04/25/15 12:09AM The lead ceiling if the dungeon causes all influence rays to be blocked out.
04/23/15 02:18PM The dragon guarding this hoard is long dead. The heroes rejoice and divide the treasure among themselves.
04/19/15 01:52PM The illusion placed on this room suddenly shatters, revealing the lair of a %boss_monster%.
03/31/15 10:57AM %pet_name% becomes agitated and growls at the walls.
01/21/15 12:22PM The plastic stars hanging from the ceiling glow faintly in the dark.
01/07/15 12:57PM Everything in this room is immaculately clean, even the cobwebs.
Not Significant Enough To Get Its Own Table
01/11/19 01:26PM Smackerel (monster)
10/27/15 01:42AM friendzone permit (artifact)
02/20/14 10:20PM pull a puppet’s strings (quest)
02/15/14 11:47PM witch-doctorate certificate (artifact)