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Mike-Almighty ( not to be confused with mike almighty (lowercased for a reason)) is the "older brother" of all gods, and last surviving elder god. He has earned the right to sit back and relax while the other gods bussle and fuss with this new world created by the original elder. There are rumors that Mike-Almighty actually killed the originator, but there are equally conflicting rumors that say he IS the originator. No one knows for sure because no one was around. Mike-Almighty refuses to comment on either rumor saying "knowing either way right or wrong would change nothing". Mike-Almighty has taken credit for creating medicinal herb known as "Marijuana", and has enjoys being the leader of a movement known as athieism. This movemen encourages the belief that there are no gods above the gods, and that the gods are the only gods... Or something like that. Mike-Almighty has also been known to have a champion follower named Sir Smoke-A-Lot. Sir Smoke-A-Lot is solely responsible for the cultivation, sale, and distribution of the Almightys herb.