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The Remote Control - Commonly asked questions on the only way you can interact with your hero

What does encouraging/punishing do to the hero?

you need 25% Godpower to use one of these buttons.

  • Encouraging can heal the hero, or can backfire and heal his opponent, or both.
  • Punishing can damage his opponent, or can backfire and damage the hero, or both.
  • Punishing can sometimes heal the hero.
  • Both influences can melt gold bricks.
  • Both influences can gain guild influence when used in towns (When in a guild, after level 12).
  • They will strengthen/weaken his alignment, depending on whether he is good or evil.
  • Both may result in gaining x% Godpower (e.g. gain 5% at a cost of 25%, net loss of 20%)
  • Both may simply do nothing.

What are voice commands for and what are the most commonly used ones?

Voice commands are personalised messages from the god which may contain up to 80 characters. They can produce many desirable effects, never backfire, cost only 5% of your GP but also have a higher miss rate. The currently known list of commands can be seen here.

What does the "Send to arena" button do?

This instantly teleports the hero to the arena where he fights in your name to win a brick, a recharge, and all his rival's gold. He also gets three random artifacts, full health, and is sent to Godville, which is very handy if you have finished a quest and are a long way out of town.

What else can Godpower be used for?

Godpower is required to activate special items and if you have 100% GP you can store it in the accumulator until you have three recharges (after this you have to pay to get . The accumulator is like a back-up and can instantly restore 50% of your power for every charge. This allows your total of "free" godpower to reach 250%.

I ran out of Godpower! How do I get more?

The hero may decide to pray or sacrifice gold to you, or do a heroic act in your name. This refills your godpower and allows you to influence him once more. Also, if you have more than 5% you may want to send a voice to him telling him to pray or sacrifice in the hope that he will listen and result in you gaining more power. Another way is by purchasing charges. Each charge, like all the others, refills 50% of the meter.

Melting Bricks - The most tedious but efficient way to get those shiny bricks

How do I melt a brick?

You can melt a brick by influencing the hero in either way. As a result, you will convert 3000 gold coins into one gold brick. The hero has no influence whatsoever over this, only the god.

Why won't it work?

Melting bricks is a tedious process because more often than not, it won't work. On average it takes four attempts to melt a brick, and you will see many sob stories in the forums of how it has sometimes taken people over twenty attempts and they still didn't get a brick. It is mostly persistence and luck, but is by far one of the most efficient ways to get bricks because the only risk is losing Godpower. You need at least 3000 gold coins for it to work.

The Diary - the only way to see what your little bundle of joy is doing

Why are there different coloured diary entries?

There are four different coloured diary entries. They are black, blue, red and orange.

  • Black - The hero has done what he says here all by himself with no input from you whatsoever.
  • Blue - This shows an influence or the effect of an influence (when you encourage, punish or send a voice command)
  • Red - This shows an influence or an effect of an influence from a rival in a duel.
  • Orange (mobile device users only) - This provides an associated link to the GodWiki, usually regarding the monster that you have just finished fighting. On the computer this shows up as a hyperlink.

Why are there only ten pages in the diary?

The hero gets up to an awful lot, even when you're not around. If there was a record of every entry visible, the diary would be over a thousand pages thick in just a week. To save all those poor trees, you can see the latest ten entries which are usually more than enough to give you a good idea of what your hero has been up to.

Auras - Small, useful things that raise the really annoying questions

What is an aura?

Auras are a form of energy that emanate from the heroes. All heroes have them, but certain auras are more visible and useful than others. These auras often will glow with various colors, deeply affecting nearby humans and monsters. These special auras give the hero a temporary boost which helps him along.

How do I get one?

There are two known ways to obtain an aura. One is to visit a shrine, and the other is to activate an artifact like the Bioenergy Amplifier for 50% of your Godpower.

What does my aura do?

This depends on the aura you receive. There are currently 6 auras available for activation, although more will probably spring into existence in the near future. Each aura gives a specific boost, all of which are given here.

Can I choose what aura I get?

Unfortunately the aura you receive and the time it lasts for are decided by the Great Random. This can make them either very useful or a waste of your hard-earned Godpower.

Guilds - Special groups for special heroes

What is a guild?

Its a group of people (players/gods) kind of like a club. However, nobody owns it and anybody can join.

How do I join/change/create one?

Your hero must be level 12 for you to do this. send a voice of god message to your hero saying "join the *name of guild* guild" until the hero listens. It's best to try this when the hero is idle on a quest like when he is searching for the right path (check the 'news from the battlefields'). When successful, the hero's quest will change to 'Find a Guildmaster and beg him to enroll me in the *guild name* guild' and once this quest is completed, you will now be a member of the guild. If the guild doesn't already exist, it will now be created and you will be the founding member.

What does being in a guild do?

You get special benefits such as discounts on equipment as well as other things. The main advantage is that you get lots of free stuff (such as artifacts and gold) while in towns.

What is guild influence and how do I earn it?

A guild's influence in a particular town is the percentage of power the guild has there. You can earn it by influencing your hero (by encouragement and punishment) while your hero is in the town you wish to increase the influence of. You will know that it has worked when you see a diary entry which contains the name of your guild. You alone can not do a lot though and the influence will only increase significantly when lots of guild members do it. The influence will tend to drop as well when other guilds gain a higher percentage of influence in a town.

What does my guild rank do and how do I improve it?

Your guild rank dictates the rate at which you receive the guild benefits (see 'what does being in a guild do?' above). Your rank will increase over time, and a full list of ranks can be seen here.

Pantheons - The leaderboards of the gods

How do I enter a pantheon?

What are the pantheons for?

What does the number next to another player's pantheon rank mean?

What benefits do being high in a pantheon give you?

Pets - Little companions for your lonely hero

How do I get a pet?

Can I choose what pet my hero gets?

What does a pet do?

My pet died! What can I do about it?

What does the word in <<this>> mean

What is the "feature" for?

Battles - Fights to the death! Sometimes...

What do I stand to gain or lose from a skirmish?

At the end of a skirmish, the hero will take several prizes from his opponent. First, he will take a lock of hair, an ear, or a dog tag from his opponent. These items are extremely valuable, and will usually sell for thousands of shiny coins. Your pawn will also claim all of the opponents gold, a couple items from their inventory, and occasionally a golden brick as well. All of these make skirmishes into a very profitable endeavor. Be warned however, that these benefits are only awarded if you win. A loss will result in your opponent gaining all of these benefits from you.

How do I get into a skirmish?

Skirmishes occur randomly while you are out questing. They only happen rarely, and only if the hero has grown restless from a lack of arena battles. The only way to assure a skirmish is to avoid sending your hero to the arena, and to simply wait. Evil heroes have been reported to get into skirmishes more, as a way to release their pent up anger.

What do I stand to gain or lose from a duel?

While the rewards from a skirmish are taken entirely from the opponent, the winner of a duel is given a set of prizes by the judges. The gold of the loser is collected and granted to the winner, along with a golden brick. Also, the prayers of victory from your hero are quite strong, and will always completely restore your Godpower, as well as grant you an additional acculmulator charge. These awards are always the same, as opposed to skirmish rewards which vary slightly.

How do I send my hero to the arena?

Sending a hero to the arena is achieved through the remote control by using 75 Godpower. This feature may only be used once every four hours.

How can I affect the outcome of the fight?

You can always encourage or punish your hero. But beware, punishing just might hurt both heroes, while encouraging could raise both your hero's AND your rival's health. In fact, occasionally, ONLY your rival will be affected. Voice commands like heal, smite/kill and pray (to get godpower during the fight) also work too.

Do, however, keep in mind: sending multiple commands that do not mean the same thing (such as SMITE+KILL or PRAY+WORSHIP) in a single god voice, eg: "smite, heal, pray," may well reduce the likelihood that any of the commands are heard/followed.