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Deities of Godville
Hero Free Tim
Personality Righteous
Gender Male
Motto Ni For Drummers!
Favourite Town Los_Adminos
Knights who say Ni
Guild position Prophet

God: Lightniing

Lightniing's hero, Free Tim, was a drummer boy (was in the band, 'Boston') but secretly always wanted to be a Knight, and so joined the Knights Who Say Ni as soon as he could. Said Hero worked I mean, drank hard and studied the countertops and thus achieved Advisor on Nov 30th 2011. It wasn't until 2 Nov 2012 (13 months total) that the first Temple was constructed, due to the amount of time said hero spent in taverns.

Now, not having much else to do, Lightniing has begun trolling/ editing wiki pages.

Guild Images

I wanted to fix a problem, where the Guild page has NO SHIELD for this hero's guild!
Here are two Images appearing for our Guild: Knights Who Say Ni as gifts. Which do you like better?



More experimenting later

I have to get to work!

I wish I could watch Godville play-itself all day, instead of working.


Okay, Spode is friggin' great. Enough said. Meet you some day my friend, at the Restaraunt at the End of the Universe!!

My Wiki Technical Sandbox

Below I am testing Spode's map - trying to make it work around a wiki bug.

GIF version of Spode's awesome Godville map

Attempted to use a 300 pixel wide rendition.

Looks like anything larger than 300 bogs down the wiki.
Experimenting here:
Maybe we need to link it externally? - Van Goh's Starry Night, as experiment.
I can probably host the Godvillle.jpg huge file over on my site, but I wish the Admins would just fix the wiki bug here. :)