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4:45 PM Omnipotent One! I swallowed an apple seed! Please don't let me turn into a tree!Stealtheh1h

I used to think the same thing when I was little XDStealtheh1h

Lol!Dragon Of Darkness1h

Did little @Stealtheh think he was going to become a big tree?Dragon Of Darkness1h

Yup :3Stealtheh1h

A vampire tree ^.^Dragon Of Darkness1h

O Vampire tree?Stealtheh1h

It's like those blood trees or whatever ^.^Dragon Of Darkness1h

I was too adorable, so the mafia got me ;~;Stealtheh40m

Aww ^.^Dragon Of Darkness37m

Oh well two down ^.^Dragon Of Darkness36m

(Jk)Dragon Of Darkness35m

Kinda I just didn't mean it in a happy sort of fashion ^.^Dragon Of Darkness35m

Just look at the forum, you'll have more details CXStealtheh34m

I saw it already :pDragon Of Darkness34m

Boom! Dragon is actually a step ahead! Who would of guessedDragon Of Darkness34m


Well, Thorb had confused me, and made me suspicious of him XDStealtheh32m

Ah confusion -.- my worst enemy.. I thinkDragon Of Darkness31m

Apparently it was your worst enemy to ^.^Dragon Of Darkness31m

Ignore the faceDragon Of Darkness31m

XD, don't worryStealtheh31m

Well, not mine, it was ultimately ThorbsStealtheh30m

Confusion was yours and thorbs was you?Dragon Of Darkness30m

That's sounds confusing but you know what I meantDragon Of Darkness29m

Nope, if Thorb hadn't confused me, he'd be alive and someone else would have know...Stealtheh29m

good is the enemy of betterClint de Jong28m

...*activate confusion mode*Dragon Of Darkness28m

Best is both their enemiesStealtheh27m

Welcome @Clint de Jong ^.^ (probably should of said that first)Dragon Of Darkness27m

XD yes, Welcome to the council Clint! :DStealtheh26m

@Clint de Jong Welcome!Lady Shadows20m

06:12: To unsubscribe from my regular updates, simply stop reading my diary.Dragon Of Darkness18m

Fantastic ^.^Dragon Of Darkness17m

... Then what's the point of the game...Lady Shadows17m

It's all about the three special words ^.^Dragon Of Darkness16m

... Three special words (1,2,3)Lady Shadows16m

Collect ,gather, and musterDragon Of Darkness16m

^.^ gets your bricks! Grab your planks! And then after that I'm sure they'll find something else for us to build!Dragon Of Darkness15m

  • getDragon Of Darkness14m

Don't forget we need retirement savingsStealtheh14m

I am still young! I'm not 18 yetDragon Of Darkness13m

^.^Dragon Of Darkness13m

Suuuuuure you areStealtheh13m

0 did you question my youth?Dragon Of Darkness12m

Considering how many times our heroes die I think its good :))Lady Shadows12m

  • grabs a walking cane* We all thought we were young, right Lady Shadows *winks*Stealtheh11m

(They need life insurance rather than retirement savings)Dragon Of Darkness11m


0 did that old man call our leader old!Dragon Of Darkness10m


What! What did you say! You got to speak louder!Lady Shadows10m

How dare you sir! *leans over to @Stealtheh and whispers* it's a very touchy topic for @Lady Shadows you know that.Dragon Of Darkness9m

HE SAID NOTHING MISSDragon Of Darkness9m

ALL IS GOODDragon Of Darkness8m

haha (I am getting old my birthday was just a few days ago :))Lady Shadows8m

0 why you no tells us? Why you do dis? Why there no party? Why I talk like dis?Dragon Of Darkness7m
  • Gasp* Happy Late Birthday Miss Shadows!!!Stealtheh7m

What!? WHO ARE YOU!? WHO AM I!? UMMM...Lady Shadows7m

)) remember when I Said Hide me?Lady Shadows7m

HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY MISS wait... *takes off a zero*Dragon Of Darkness6m

Yes?Dragon Of Darkness6m

I'm sorry, I didn't catch the hidden messages ;~;Stealtheh6m

The family was taking me out for a Birthday dinner...Lady Shadows5m

  • is confuzzled*Dragon Of Darkness5m

Ohhhhhj :O How was it? :DStealtheh4m

  • is still confuzzled* was there cake ^.^Dragon Of Darkness4m

What did you get?Dragon Of Darkness4m

... Everyone sang Happy Birthday... it was horrible I was in plain sight! (Money)Lady Shadows3m

D: Why would they do such a thing!?Stealtheh3m

Ah lady shadows making the bigs ones over hereDragon Of Darkness2m

  • Pulls a cake out on a cart* Here it is! its the chocolate fruit angel cake!Lady Shadows2m

That awkward moment when people sing happy birthday to you and you don't know what to do...Dragon Of Darkness2m

  • pushes @Stealtheh out of the way* CCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dragon Of Darkness1m

I know the sad thing is... My family didn't tell them the restaurant just knew and decided to plan it themselves.Lady Shadows1m

0 wait how?Dragon Of Darkness37s

the restaurant is our favorite we know everyone there. :))

0 wait how?Dragon Of Darkness21m

the restaurant is our favorite we know everyone there. :))Lady Shadows21m

T-that looks so great! Thanks Miss Sha- *the tiny bat is pushed by a large Dragon*Stealtheh20m

Ah I see ^.^ just making sure the chopstick didn't come and ruin your birthday ^.^Dragon Of Darkness20m

@Stealtheh did you just call me fat -.-Dragon Of Darkness20m

... Chopstick... I forgot to tell you, I found it.Lady Shadows19m

  • recovers from the push* W-what? I didn't even say anything DraggyStealtheh18m

I'm sorry oh almighty fitness king but I am a dragon I've got like 5 or 6 stomachs! I need my sugary goodness!Dragon Of Darkness18m

@Lady Shadows you did?Dragon Of Darkness17m

  • Takes a knife and cuts a small slice for herself and a larger piece for @Stealtheh* yep! it was in the cupboard... though I have no idea how it ended up there...Lady Shadows16m

(I think I'm all hyped up on sugar and add that and sitting in a car for two days straight I mean I think it's safe to say that I've completely lost it by now)Dragon Of Darkness16m

  • Flies above Dragon and lands on her head*Stealtheh15m

Oh dear... I hate to think what a hyped up dragon can do...Lady Shadows14m

  • Flicks Stealtheh of her head and takes his piece* "I need my sugary goodness -.-" *glares at @Stealtheh" -.- (^.^)Dragon Of Darkness14m

Hmmm...are you feeling okay...your slice is....small....Stealtheh13m


More then ok :)) (I have more in the kitchen)Lady Shadows13m

  • Turns to @Lady Shadows and glares at her with hungry eyes*Dragon Of Darkness12m
  • jaws music starts playing*Dragon Of Darkness12m
  • Flies back up to the table albeit weary of Dragon and begins to nom his slice*Stealtheh11m
  • Eats her cake looking everywhere but Dragon...*Lady Shadows11m
  • creeps up to @Lady Shadows and stands uncomfortably close* "that cake sure does look good..." 0.0Dragon Of Darkness10m
  • flicks @Stealtheh with tail once more*Dragon Of Darkness9m

Ummm Hmmm it came out very well... even with the fruit :DLady Shadows9m

FruitDragon Of Darkness9m

FRUIT!!!!!Dragon Of Darkness9m

  • runs out of the kitchen screaming "WHY IS IT SO HEALTHY!"*Dragon Of Darkness8m

Picks up @Stealtheh and sets him besides her handing him a large bowl of cinnamon apples*Lady Shadows8m

  • Whispers to @Stealtheh* I think we should put @Dragon Of Darkness on a fruit diet...Lady Shadows6m
  • curls into a ball and attempts to hide herself with her wings* "sooo.. Healthy." *sobs*Dragon Of Darkness6m

F-for me? Thanks Miss Shadows! *hugs @Lady Shadows*Stealtheh6m

  • cover instead of hideDragon Of Darkness5m
  • Hugs back and watches @Dragon Of Darkness across the room*Lady Shadows5m
  • Whispers back* I-I think that'd be the death of her......I mean...she despises it....Stealtheh4m
  • Rolls on her side knocking down a wall in the progress* "so......... Healthy"Dragon Of Darkness3m

I can Hide it in her food... I mean she just ate the whole cake before remembering there was fruit...Lady Shadows2m

  • Trys to stay calm...*Lady Shadows1m
  • Noms on some of the apples while eyeing Dragon as she destroys the guild* I...hope she doesn't find out at least....Stealtheh1m
  • sneezes almost catching the wood on fire*Dragon Of Darkness1m
  • Fists her hands tightly to her side and quietly counts to 10* 1,2,3...Lady Shadows11s
  • Watches as Lady Shadows stay calm* U-ummmm Miss Shadows?

“Stand back, Fido! I'm going to try... science!” Stealtheh1h Velfox, nooooooo D: Stealtheh1h ... *Holds breadth* Lady Shadows1h

  • wonders why @Lady Shadows is turning blue*

Dragon Of Darkness1h


Lady Shadows1h

  • wonders why @Lady Shadows is smiling while turning blue*

[➠][☠]Dragon Of Darkness1h I always knew you shadows would be the death of me... Lady Shadows1h

  • .*

Stealtheh1h @Stealtheh your in charge of Dragon when I die! Lady Shadows1h

  • Looks at Dragon and then back to Lady Shadows* Okay I'll d- Wait! Who said anything about you dying!? *Throws all the magic at Lady Shadows*

Stealtheh1h Turns a pretty shade of purple Lady Shadows1h

o Are you still dying?


  • Looks like a fish out of water*

Lady Shadows1h Dragon! Quick! She needs CPR! Stealtheh1h ... Lady Shadows1h I'm back Dragon Of Darkness1h CPR RIGHT CRP Dragon Of Darkness1h Dragon! Doo eeeet Stealtheh1h @Stealtheh I'm a dragon breathing fire into is un affective Dragon Of Darkness1h ... Lady Shadows1h Bat do something!!! Dragon Of Darkness1h

  • drags her into a shadow* T-that should help.... Right?


  • paces in circles* what to do what to do

Dragon Of Darkness57m

  • The sun starts shining though the curtains*

Lady Shadows57m Do not start heading towards the light! Especially because your a shadow Dragon Of Darkness57m Dragon Quick! Punch the sun so there can be more light! Stealtheh56m Shadows* Stealtheh56m (More light?) Lady Shadows56m (XD) Stealtheh56m

  • looks at claws* how?

Dragon Of Darkness55m (twas an accident) Stealtheh55m eeet Stealtheh55m Uh uh uh someone smack her! Maybe she'll wake up then Dragon Of Darkness54m

  • Yawns and rolls over Casting shadows around the room to make it darker...*

Lady Shadows53m

0 She yawned

Stealtheh52m ... Dragon Of Darkness52m

D She ain't dead

Stealtheh52m Did she just yawn.. DID SHE JUST YAWN! Dragon Of Darkness52m Did she just yawn.. DID SHE JUST YAWN! Dragon Of Darkness51m (Ignore the second one or the first depending on preferences) Dragon Of Darkness51m moon walks to the table grabs a sandwich then moon walks back to the wall but trips half way Morta51m

  • Curls in to a ball and cast shadows around her...*

Lady Shadows51m


Dragon Of Darkness50m That moon walk tho Dragon Of Darkness50m

  • Looks at @Morta with concern* Are you okay Morta?

Stealtheh49m Oh no everyone's dying :0 Dragon Of Darkness49m eats sandwich while on the floor, just cause Morta49m Turns over Hi Morta! *Is still purple* Lady Shadows49m Oh no! D: Stealtheh49m

  • looks at @Stealtheh* -.- have you turned everyone into a vampire?

Dragon Of Darkness48m offers lady some sandwich Morta48m (I thought he drinks fruit?) Lady Shadows48m H-hey, I don't drink blood.....anymore >.< Stealtheh47m @Stealtheh -.- morta craving sandwiches gave it away Dragon Of Darkness46m Why you do dis? Dragon Of Darkness46m

  • anymore... starts gathering shadows to fling...*

Lady Shadows45m D-Draggy, I don't do thaaaaat >.< If I did, there wouldn't be anything left of them... Stealtheh44m well, I better put up a butter barrier or was that a better butter barrel Morta43m Morta no!!!!! Dragon Of Darkness42m Grr me head Morta42m Don't become a vampire Dragon Of Darkness42m Don't head towards the bat! Dragon Of Darkness42m @Lady Shadows you too! Dragon Of Darkness42m Hey, what's wrong with vampires? Stealtheh41m Nothing I just don't want them becoming your minions ^.^ Dragon Of Darkness40m

  • ... leaves a fruit bowl out and goes behind the couch*

Lady Shadows40m

  • Dives into the fruit*

Stealtheh39m I'm no one's minon unless they have jam Morta39m

  • Noms an apple*

Stealtheh39m What kind of jam? Just out of curiosity? Dragon Of Darkness39m poofs and all the jam is missing, and morta looks like he ate it all Morta38m Mmmm~ *Noms a peach* Stealtheh37m

  • Realizes she hasn't made any sweets lately lies on the couch and hopes no one has noticed*

Lady Shadows36m

  • dances*


  • Noms all the fruit*

Stealtheh35m if you can't tell I is bored Morta34m

  • lies inside the bowl* Everyone is bored nowadays Morta :(

Stealtheh34m well I could do.. Morta33m bounds over to @Lady Shadows soooo you know you really scared me.. I mean I thought you were dead so I mean....cake would be nice? Dragon Of Darkness33m Fills the bowl with more fruit not realizing there is a @Stealtheh in it. Lady Shadows32m Please Dragon Of Darkness32m (@Morta I've done nothing but sit in a car all day) Dragon Of Darkness32m weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Morta32m I've been packing hallmark giftwrap all day Morta31m

  • praise his good fortune to be buried alive in fruit*

Stealtheh30m Fuuuuuuuuuunnnnn :/ Dragon Of Darkness30m next week I get to go back to work for the school, I'm head IT there Morta29m Fitness king over there really likes fruit ;) Dragon Of Darkness29m skills to pay the bills Morta29m

  • fruit bowl is empty once more*

Stealtheh29m Work and school -.- two of my least favor to words Dragon Of Darkness29m could be worse Morta28m Yes. You could have to....walk the dog! Dun Dun Duuuunnnnn! Stealtheh27m my last job had me driving from vale to iowa Morta27m Jk ^3^ Stealtheh27m to Kansas Morta26m

  • watches @Stealtheh as he lies in an empty bowl... much to tired to fill it...*

Lady Shadows26m Brb Dragon Of Darkness26m some throw a five hour energy drink at lady Morta26m someone Morta26m

  • Decide to roll over but instead flip the whole bowl over with him in it*

Stealtheh25m Umm...*the bowl begins to slide in circles before bumping into the wall* Stealtheh24m

  • Looks at the moving bowl* The Ghost is out again...

Lady Shadows24m

  • after a pause it slides again and under the couch*


  • Looks down under the couch* DRAAAaaGGGGGONN! HELP!

Lady Shadows21m @Lady Shadows quickly a cake will fix this! Dragon Of Darkness21m

  • see @Lady Shadows under couch* oh oh no

Dragon Of Darkness21m WHOS GOING TO BAKE THE CAKE Dragon Of Darkness20m HE MAN WILL Morta20m Oh right help *flips couch with her tail* Dragon Of Darkness20m

  • The bowl slides into the kitchen*

Stealtheh19m I HAVE THE POWERADE Morta19m Not the Kitchen!!! Lady Shadows19m @Morta WHY ARE YOU YELLING? Dragon Of Darkness19m

  • the bowl keeps bumping into the fridge*

Stealtheh18m damn still not he man, guess that means, I'm batman! Morta18m now where's my billions Morta16m wait beer duh Morta16m Lol! Dragon Of Darkness16m DRRRAAAGGGOONNN! the kitchen!!! Lady Shadows15m immortality (02:59) woot Morta15m

  • continues to bump into the fridge*

Stealtheh14m time for arena Morta14m M-My Kitchen :{ Lady Shadows14m Dragon better clean up the mess Morta13m

  • Decides to give up on dragon and fend for her kitchen herself*

Lady Shadows12m

  • Stops bumping into the fridge and bumps into @Lady Shadows*


  • grabs the broom* I'll help

Morta11m wait Dragon Of Darkness11m ... Lady Shadows10m Cleaning? Dragon Of Darkness10m Why :,) Dragon Of Darkness10m

  • ,(

Dragon Of Darkness10m

  • sweeps the bowl across the floor flipping it over*

Morta9m Oww.... Stealtheh9m It's..! Lady Shadows9m ... Wait me and cleaning... Dragon Of Darkness8m Aren't I usually the one that causes the messes? :0 omg it wasn't me this time Dragon Of Darkness8m I know right Morta7m What mess? I didn't flip over a couch Stealtheh7m I didn't go into the kitchen :p Dragon Of Darkness6m Picks up a tiny @Stealtheh and sets him on the counter what were you doing in there? :)) poor @Stealtheh how about some Cake? Lady Shadows6m And what did I do in the kitchen Stealtheh6m wait what... cake? Morta6m Yay!~ Cake! :D Stealtheh6m


Dragon Of Darkness5m

  • hangs head* ok I'll just... *cries*

Dragon Of Darkness5m I-I was stuck in the bowl.... :'( Stealtheh5m Don't worry dragon I'll make sure to eat your share Morta4m

  • shouts at the earth* WHY YOU DO DIS?!?!?!!?????!!!!

Dragon Of Darkness4m and get you an ice cream cake Morta4m

,( but it's not @Lady Shadows cake

Dragon Of Darkness4m I know I know that must have been scary with us after you like that. Lady Shadows3m I-it was....*sniffle* Stealtheh2m -.- Dragon Of Darkness2m

  • glares at @Stealtheh*

Dragon Of Darkness1m Fitness king over here is eating cake -.- Dragon Of Darkness1m

  • glares at broom*


  • Starts pulling out a whole bunch of ingredients and grabbing a basket from the top shelf* How about you go pick some berries from our garden for the cake you chose which ok?

Lady Shadows1m

  • broom glares back*

Morta54s that's new Morta27s O-okay Miss Shadows *Smiles*



  • Sucks in breath* he said itDragon Of Darkness20h

So much healthy stuff :,(Dragon Of Darkness20h

B-but its sweet too :'(Stealtheh20h

-.-Dragon Of Darkness20h

Fruit be healthy good for brain and healthDragon Of Darkness20h

Dragon no likeyDragon Of Darkness20h

Natures candy Mummm *pops another into her mouth before dumping half into the mixLady Shadows20h

Dragon like big cake with many frostingsDragon Of Darkness20h

0Dragon Of Darkness20h

Why @Lady Shadows do dis? Why make dragon cake healthy!?Dragon Of Darkness20h no like fruit....because healthy? *Brain.exe has stopped working*Stealtheh20h

)) you need itLady Shadows20h

....*goldfish brain overload shut down sequence engaged* (in other words I'm going to bed night guys!)Dragon Of Darkness20h

Aww goodnight @Dragon Of Darkness[➠][☠]Stealtheh20h

  • Starts taking out pans* all right Night @Dragon Of Darkness we'll save you a slice as well :)

For Dragon

Journal entery 1: @@@@@@@@@@

^^ --This is what you use to make the closable row for the journal entry The @@@@ signs are where you put the title use to put in bold (you all ready know that ;)

Below is the text most is done all you need to do is copy the text to the wiki, Bold the names like the other two entry's and take away the H marks Now theres a catch the names are after the post in this entry you don't have to but it would be better to put the names before each post. Ready? GO! :D

My phone isn't using my usual smileys and characters ò~ó Stealtheh1h

( what phone do you have? And has it been possessed by the chopstick of doom?

Dragon Of Darkness1h

Windows Phone 8 §Stealtheh1h

Oh well then I have no idea how to help Dragon Of Darkness1h

^.^ I'm a useless dragon Dragon Of Darkness1h

I send messages via pigeon or other dragons or nightmares Dragon Of Darkness1h

lol I'm just getting used to it now Stealtheh1h

D'awwwwe Stealtheh1h

I'm a iphone person ^.^ Dragon Of Darkness1h

3 soooo now whut¿?Stealtheh1h

My niece is a windows person even though she's like 1Dragon Of Darkness1h

Yesh¡ upside down attack¡ Wait....what to do¿Stealtheh1h

Upside down attack?Dragon Of Darkness1h


... I'm trying to imagine this without much luck ^.^Dragon Of Darkness1h


Anything to avoid the boredom¡Stealtheh1h

For real Dragon Of Darkness1h


DDragon Of Darkness1h

  • ♡*Stealtheh1h

<(*~)< ... I'm not sure what it is but it's something ^.^Dragon Of Darkness1h

XD <(^~^<)Stealtheh1h

<(^~^)>Stealtheh1h (>^~^)>Stealtheh1h Dancing! :DStealtheh1h

Lol! *plays music*Dragon Of Darkness1h

(>^~^)> <(^~^)> <(^~^<)Stealtheh1h

0) this smiley looks like a fat person.....Stealtheh1h

Lol this is what happens in hidden shadows random dance party's!Dragon Of Darkness1h XDStealtheh1h

Everybody say hey! Ho!Dragon Of Darkness1h

Pfffffth! I saw the journal entry of our chat XDStealtheh1h

Its an honor to be in the first journal entry T.TStealtheh1h

  • Tears of joy*Stealtheh1h

Lol! Yay!Dragon Of Darkness1h



Exclamation Mark!Stealtheh1h

Now it wants to work.......Stealtheh1h

XD Chopstick of doom strikes againStealtheh1h

0Dragon Of Darkness1h

It's Happening! Dragon Of Darkness1h

Run fer yer lurfs! Stealtheh1h

(Run for your lives)Stealtheh1h

I gtg -.- my sister wants me to call her and it's probably going to be a hour long debate Dragon Of Darkness1h

Bai~ have fun on your hour long debate, hopefully your hero won't die~ and I'll be bored again~ ㅠ.ㅠ Stealtheh1h

( I'd sorry bye!Dragon Of Darkness1h

Its okie ^_~

Stealtheh1h Bye~