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Deities of Godville
Hero Alyosha Karamazov
Personality Loving, potato-loving
Gender Male
Favourite Town Godville
Heroes Alliance
Guild position Potato

Kartoshki was once a humble god of potato farming. His eternity was dedicated to making sure that people's potato crops came out right and that everyone had enough potatoes to eat. His followers sometimes got a little tired of potatoes, but other than that all was well for this simple god in his own realm.

However, eventually he became jealous of the other members of his pantheon, who had taken on heroes in the realm of Godville and made them into their champions. Soon all the other gods would talk about was Godville and the battles and conflicts that existed there. Kartoshki grew jealous, and asked if he could be allowed to participate as well. The other gods just laughed and told him that he should stick to potatoes and be content with that.

Unsatisfied, Kartoshki worked in secret to find a champion of good who would serve his potato-y will. He finally settled on a possibly fictional man, Alyosha Karamazov, who was the youngest sibling of a very complicated and depressing family. (For more information, set aside a month or so and read The Brothers Karamazov.) Using an enchanted potato, Kartoshki was able to whisk his young champion away from his possibly fictional home and instead lead him to Godville.

Now the two work together to prove to the other gods that potatoes and conversations about feelings can be just as strong as lightning bolts and swords. Kartoshki is a generous god, showering his champion with healing potatoes and beautiful rainbows (on potatoes), and Alyosha has retained his kind spirit as a result.

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