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GodJohnny Wong 

Oni-Jonni (Johnny Wong)

Gender: M

Age: 18

Titles: Blade Runner, Swordsman, Samurai

Origin: Japanese-Chinese Descendant

Eye Color: Light Cyan Blue

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5'7"

Personality: Kind, Gentle, and Strong-willed


  • Battle Dress - Black Covert Operations Coat trimmed with White, Black Short Sleeve Special Forces Dress Shirt, Black Paratrooper Pants, Black Covert Operations Boots trimmed with White, Black Fingerless Paratrooper Gloves, Black Belt, Silver Belt Buckle with Dark Blue Gem Core
  • Casual Dress - White Dress Uniform Shirt trimmed with Black Stripe, Black Uniform Dress Pants, Black Casual Loafers

Armor Preference: Extra-Vehicular Activities Armor Chestplate, Elbow Pads, and Knee Pads

Weapon Preference: FN Five-Seven, Kagemitsu G4 with Yellow Blade

Description: A feminine, slender teenage boy with long black hair often mistaken as a girl. He carries a kind and charming appearance, but while on the battlefield he becomes a strong-willed, yet gentle warrior killing if necessary to protect the ones he love and win the battle.

Saitou Kanade

Saitou Kanade (Kanade Saitou) “Blue”

Gender: F

Age: 18

Titles: Princess, Warrior Princess, Knight

Origin: English-Japanese descent

Eye Color: Bright Yellow <- Blue

Hair Color: Blonde <- White

Height: 5’2"

Personality: Kind, Gentle, and Strong-willed


  • Royal Army Band Uniform - Red Coat trimmed with Black, Silver Citation Chord, Black Uniform Pants, Black Army Boots, White Gloves, White Beret with Royal Crest
  • Kingdom Princess Attire - White Dress with Red Ribbon, Red Hooded Cape, White Undergarments, Magical Crystal Necklace, Small Gold Crown with Hair Band, White Flat Heels
  • Warrior Princess Attire - Blue and White Dress with Black Ribbon, White Jacket, Black Undergarments, Magical Crystal Necklace, Small Silver Crown with Hair Band, White Flat Heels

Armor Preference: Silver-Steel Armor Chestplate and Arm Guards

Weapon Preference: Silver-Steel Rapier

Love interest: Unknown Prince

Description: Attractive, young lady stunning in both beauty and strength who smells sweet of lavender.

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