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Jenny B was once a goddess who walked among mortal men. One always pursued Her affection more than any other. This man is now known as the hero in service to Jenny B, Travis H. Jenny B had been cynical of his intent at first, unsure of his sincerity. She beset him with 3 challenges. The first was temptation. She convinced one of Her mortal friends to attempt to seduce him, but this was an epic failure. Travis H remained true. The second challenge was of courage. Travis H did not flinch before Her godly wrath. The final test was in the faith he showed during the Great Anger. He still kept all faith even when She punished him, seemingly without reason. As a result of these trials, Jenny B developed great passion for Travis H. When She finally explained all that had happened, Travis H vowed always to worship and give praise to Jenny B not just as a lover and wife, but as the goddess She is.