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Deities of Godville
Infarius   God of Bloodlust
Hero Yashiro Eich
Personality Kind
Gender Male
Guild position Founder
Guild rank Patriarch


Infarius is the God of Bloodlust, he gets satisfaction and happiness from murdering, and thus, his hero is plagued from his influence.

He takes joy in crushing small creatures, and killing things weaker than himself, but he also enjoys a challenging battle, although little come, for he is extremely strong on his own.


He takes the appearance of a fit, middle aged man, trimmed and proper, with a cloak over his collared shirt and vest. He has shortish hair swooped up and to the side, and a decent beard. He has pure red eyes, with a scar over the right one, and another scar on his left cheek. He has lots of body hair, and more scars scattered around his arms, legs, and torso.


Infarius's sphere of influence doesn't stop within the Godville game, as it expands well into the universe of other games, such as in Skyrim, where he is hailed as a Daedric Prince, and has an insanely powerful dagger for his artifact.