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[The following tale is about the goddess I Am Not The One.]

Hello? Can anybody hear me?

Please, somebody… Somebody… Listen.

My voice… It’s weak. I am just a faint whisper carried by the dying breeze. I am nobody… For I am not the one you are looking for… I am not the one.

I don’t have a name. I used to, but it has been forgotten with the years... Faded, like pages of old book, yellowing and cracking, with its writings no longer distinguishable… Faded, like my fragmented existence.

I should’t even exist… I do not know wherefore I still do, wherefore must I still feel the pains and sorrows that I have caused. They haunt me like they are an everlasting day, and I shall never see the dawn of tomorrow.

[This tale is to be continued... Meanwhile, here is another story...]

Um... Is this thing on?

[You hear the sound of someone tapping the microphone.]

Oh, oops! I guess now I know the mic is working... Eheheh...

Let me start over with this introduction. Um... How should I start? I guess I could say my name, but I doubt it's going to help any of you figure out who I am... I suppose I will say it this way. I am who you would call I Am Not The One... Except I'm from a totally different dimension (I think they call it the "Roundworld" around here...) and goes by a totally different name. I know! That is crazy, right?

Oh, my... I hear some static on the line... I guess I will end this talk for now, and I will catch you guys later! See ya soon!

(To be continued.)