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1st: All reality is really just an ILLUSION...(well - more accurately [albeit, less grandiosely] put: DELUSION)

2nd: Of course, since reality is relative, each individuals' perception of the GRAND DELUSION will, by definition, be somewhat different.

3rd: This fact does not change the universality of THE HUMAN EXPERIMENT...ummm, I mean, THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE ______________________________________________________________________________

Ed note: This piece is, and likely shall ever be, a WIP (Work In Progress); as such, criticisms will not (yet!) be tolerated...but constructive suggestions are, and will always be, welcomed. ______________________________________________________________________________

To that end, you may email me here: <>

Please put "ATTN: SCRIBBLE" in the SUBJECT line.

Thanks -- ISHTA's humble scribe, SCRIBBLE ______________________________________________________________________________

To message ISHTA's heroine, CAMBRIELLE, please use Godville's in-game messaging (unless the matter is of a sensitive nature, in which case you should initiate correspondence directly through SCRIBBLE @above provided email address.)

To message ISHTA Her Divine Self, please prepare a tasty offering, including fine vintage wine (or, at least, a BOX of cheap wine!) AND some quality substrate for the peace pipe (or, at least, something YOU'd be willing to smoke!)

Then prepare a customary ritual space, and proceed to prostrate yourself in humbleness before the (usually!) magnanimous and benevolent DIVINE CREATRIX, reverently requesting an audience with Her Divine Majesty...

(then: drink some wine, smoke some herb, feast with reckless abandon, and... WAIT!)

This usually works, but if it doesn't, YOU are probably doing something wrong. Try drinking and smoking more, then make your reverent request again, this time-MORE REVERENTLY!