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Greeting mortals, I am your one true God: Heaven1yfather! Bow before my magnificence and tremble with fear before my immense power. KNEEL AND DO MY BIDDING! Ahh, but how shall you know what my will is, I hear you ask. Worry not I shall express it through my chosen champion. She who has slain tens of thousands of mighty beasts, has completed hundreds of treacherous quests and my loyal servant: Juliana the arrogant!


*Sound of crickets*


*nothing happens*

where the hell... *In the distance* OI! Are you wasted AGAIN? I can't believe this, how many times must I tell you to drink in modera... WHY ARE YOU NAKED?! What happened to the armour I got you? AND WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY IS THAT THING?! YOUR "PET"?! OH MY ME, IT'S HIDEOUS! Ok, ok... we can still salvage this, we can still make this work, we just have to...

*Sound of loud snoring*

oh why do I even bother its already ruined who cares