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Deities of Godville
Troll Jegus/Gog Hankvi Guidza  
the Page of Chance
Honored Favorite (xxxx-xx)Animalist, 1stBuilder, 1stCareerist, 1stHunter, 1stRaider, 1stSaint, 1stShipwright, 1st
Coach, 2ndFreelancer, 2ndMoneybag, 2ndSavior, 2ndSeadog, 2nd
Only successful in rendering 4 colors
Actual Birthday June 23rd
Personality Lawful Neutra-good
Gender Dude
Pronouns H(e/im)
Domain Ludus, Lux System, LDSC, The Prism
Motto Love wins
The Guild of Calamitous Intent
Guild position ???
Guild rank Profit
Long Term
Gratitude 128th
Might 4997th
Templehood 31315th
Storytelling TBA
Short Term
Mastery ~3600
Taming 700~750
Survival 13th
Savings ~3000
Creation <1000
Catch 3500~4000
Unity <100
Popularity varies
Duelery 23rd
Adventure 53rd
Current as of 0913-21 / 4144 g.e.
The "Ultimate Programmer" Chihiro Fujisaki 🔶🥉
Chihiro's own "Battle Time" sprite
Date of "Birth" 0314-19 / 3230 g.e.


I've been here for a while, so I'll stop being a redlink and work on this in bits.

Haven't forgotten that I'm from a place on the Internet called the Fan-Ball Wiki, the fanon wiki for all things Dan-Ball.