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Hello, I'll be back soon to add more when there is more to add. Meanwhile, have fun.

By the sea it is nice and warm, as it ought to be in the middle of the summer. It is early morning, so the sand can still be walked on without having to choose and burry the the feet, from the sea there is a refreshing wind and the never ceasing clash of the surf. The buzz from the conversations, children screaming and the breaking waves are a nice background noise for the little girl sitting under an umbrella close to the shoreline, watching the the unfolding scenes before her with rapped attention and curiosity.

A child is afraid of the waves, but also wants to go into the sea. She runs towards the retreating wave, only to run back with the approach of the next one. She stops to catch her breath, observes the sea, from where the parent is beckoning and reassuring that all is well, before starting the game again. The girl under the umbrella knows that feeling, smiles at remembering doing the exact same thing and empathises with the young child's conflict of emotions. She is feeling the same way , but about something else , wanting and afraid at the same time. Unlike the youngster she is observing, she knows what fun can be had in the water once the initial fear is gone and smiles. The answer has been in front of her the whole time, she could berate herself but, is part of the words she has labeled 'guilt inducing' and has learned not to use them in her private thoughts or say them to others.