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In a far away place resided a Goddess. This Goddess's name was God Monster. God Monster was awesome, but how cool is awesomeness if no bone's there to take your crap? Not that cool at all. So God Monster gathered up some spare parts from her closet and a few things she found in the back yard to begin the process of making herself a hero that would worship and take much crap from her.

  • A Hero Is Born*

Sir crap taker wasn't much to look at. Not at first, but he was the creation of God Monster, and therefore loved. He humbled along, wrote in his diary, vanquished monsters in his goddess' name, and began building a golden temple for worship of the great God Monster.

Even with all these tasks Sir crap taker was lonely. He wanted to belong somewhere, to be apart of a group. He began a quest to join a guild, but not just any guild, a guild that would be a favorite in his Goddess' eyes.

  • A Hero Is Legion, For He Is Many*

Sir crap taker was accepted into "Ganja Smokers Local 420" on April 24th 2012. This pleased God Monster. She blessed her hero for such a good decision. The hero was happy to be accepted into such a truly awesome group that he began recruiting heroes that were guildless.

Sir Crap Taker still walks the milestones and can be found in a tavern or pub drinking merrily and praising his lovely Goddess.