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Deities of Godville
Hero HeroSim
Personality Virtuous
Gender male
Motto Dead if Weaken !
Favourite Town Godville
Guild position Grand master (Creator)
!1st day
What i'm doing here ? How is that possible ? I was an Angel, i'm now a simple human ? I should search the good way for me.
!10th day
I understand now my duty, the duty of all human that believe in their god... Live the life, fight with legitimity and build my temple for my God.
!35th day
I'm now harder, better, faster, stronger, like Daft Punk
!50th day
I have now a companion, a rocky raccoon with big ears, i named it Dumbo.
!55th day
I'm not alone in my guild, and we are now ranked for our unity. Still on my way but not alone.
!58th day
Something strange happened, dunring three days i was fighting against my god, he don't want that i leave the Roots, he send me a hundred message saying: "This quest is lame, stop doing it!" but i dindnt respond... When i leave i fugred out that it was a terrible mistake and go back but it's now longer and i will start at zero... First mistake, god i should listen you, so sorry...
!61th day
I'm Back To Da Roots ! I lose my rank but they accept me after my fast quit, Intern rank is not so bad in the guild that i create...
!170th day
A lot of things change, some people enrroll “Roots” guild, some other left the guild. Since Dumbo’s death, i got a firefox for couple of days and i’have now a bipolar bear that i called “Rex” like a simple dog but he is more than that for me now. He reach level five with a “Frisky” personality. I ask godville’s Admin to know more about this personality and they tell me that Frisky means he is: “A playful pet who often misbehaves, but can be useful. May provide comic relief in tense situations” On my side i still haven’t found the final way of all of that and thing that becomes here but i’m still trying to found the right path between monster and usefull quests. Time is gas and i can’t control it but my friends are helping me to win some of it by searching the same thing of me, the True Truth about us.