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Honored Renegade Builder 1st Champion 2nd Fiend 2nd Hunter 2nd Saint 2nd Animalist 3rd Coach 3rd Favourite 3rd Invincible 3rd Martyr 3rd Raider 3rd Shipwright 3rd
Deities of Godville
Ginger Bastet 
Hero Golden Cat
Personality Mighty
Gender Goddess, Hero
Motto You look like prey.

God page: GodGinger Bastet 

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Ginger Bastet/Golden Cat's Temple

Golden Cat's objective was to complete a temple in record time. The known record when he started was SBFH's, 70 days. Kure has since mentioned completing his in 66 days. Both these records were shattered by Golden Cat's 20 day run.

He started his career 17/11/2013 at 15:39. He completed his temple 07/12/2013 at 10:12. Thus building Ginger Bastet's temple took 474 hours and 33 minutes (19.77 days), spread over 21 days of real time (the first and last days being partial). Godville, in its inimitable manner, said Golden Cat was "about 19 days".

When his goddess's temple was completed, Golden Cat was level 18 and had just finished his 24th quest. He had killed about 2660 monsters. He had two Skills, Mountain moving (transport, level 7) and Eye scream (combat, level 2). His arena record was 48 / 0 and he stood at #138 in the Gladiator Pantheon. He was Fiend 2nd (~1200 Punishes) and Saint 2nd (~2900 Encourages), Hunter 2nd (~195 bosses), Champion 3rd (48 arena battles), Invincible 3rd (10 wins in a row < Level 30) and Favorite 3rd (simply hadn't had time to reach 2nd). He had not yet found a pet. He had died twice but had lost one death to a Mystery Box.

He was very shabbily dressed, as most of his gold went into making bricks.

Item Value Description
Weapon +8 Self-cutting axe
Shield +12 Security blanket
Head +9 Dark matter hat
Body +8 Spiderweb tunic
Arms +12 Hellboy's cuff
Legs +10 Earthworm Jim's boots
Talisman +15 Wrist dreamcatcher

Golden Cat's record stood in English Godville until 25/02/2014 (Melbourne time) when Gwynyth Oonagh Devyn's heroine Malefiscent completed one in 19 days, 9 minutes (24/02/20014 22:49 local time).

Note: as of January 2014 the ultimate Godville temple record is held by the Russian Godville player Frank, who started 01/01/2014 at 19:03 and finished 09/01/2014 at 05:58 (local time), taking just 7.45 days.

Temple Progress

The following table lists temple progress day by day. The accompanying chart shows the same information graphically.

GB Temple.jpg

Day Total Today Average Note
1 2 2 2.00  Started at 15:39. Spent the first day leveling up with "Learn something" VC.
2 26 24 13.00  Level 10. Began digging bosses and going to arena. Hunter 3rd.
3 71 45 23.67  Level 11. Builder 3rd. Champion 3rd.
4 124 53 31.00  Golden day for bricks.
5 168 44 33.60  Level 12. Invincible 3rd.
6 210 42 35.00  Saint 3rd.
7 268 58 38.29  Level 13. Hunter 2nd.
8 305 37 38.13  Builder 2nd. Favourite 3rd. Joined "Kitty Cat Council".
9 342 37 38.00  Top 1,000 in Gladiator Pantheon.
10 397 55 39.70  Level 14. Saint 2nd.
11 447 50 40.64  -
12 503 56 41.92  Level 15 (level-up via Wonderbox). Top 500 in Gladiator Pantheon.
13 558 55 42.92  -
14 610 52 43.57  -
15 682 72 45.47  Level 16. Top 250 in Gladiator Pantheon.
16 758 76 47.38  -
17 813 55 47.82  -
18 865 52 48.06  Level 17.
19 926 61 48.74  -
20 984 58 49.20  Level 18.
21 1000 16 47.62  Temple completed at 10:12.

How We Did It

The most-asked question we see is "How?" so here's a brief rundown.

1. Money. You need to be willing to buy whatever charges you need. We set a limit of $500 for a 30-day target, and we came in under budget and ahead of target. We could have done it cheaper or faster. We could also have taken a lot longer or spent a lot more money.

2. Time. You need to watch your hero at all times of the day in order to dig for bosses as often as possible. We averaged nearly 10 bosses per day. We allowed ourselves plenty of time for sleep, but since there were two of us, in the same household, coordination was simplified and we put in long days between us.

3. Game knowledge. You need to have an idea of how long things take to happen, how many actions are needed to melt, and what your hero is likely to do in any given situation. For example, he's in red health, is he likely to run back to town? Do we want him to do that?

4. Stay focused on your goal. If you want to build a temple in the shortest possible time, everything else must support that. You don't throw boss fights just because they get expensive: you're there for the bricks and the gold and the goodies, and you won't get them if you give up. You need to catch your hero in town selling and melt bricks from his gold before he can squander it. You dig for gold when you wake up and you melt before you go to sleep.

Life after temple


Golden Cat entered his first dungeon within minutes of completing his temple.

!Hero's Diary
10:23 AM Found myself near the smoldering, brimstone-smelling mouth of a dark cave. Time to go spelunking in hell.


Furora 272
Thulkred 308
Golden Cat 168
Knight Who Says It 304
Hobbo 408
!Hero's Diary
10:26 Shivering from dampness, Furora, Thulkred, Golden Cat, Knight Who Says It and Hobbo carefully step down into a dungeon. An old-looking goblin-gatekeeper confides: “Hey, this is a Corridor of Migration! Stronger bosses are not always near the treasure. Don't scatter the trash!” From here one can go to the east and north.

Ginger Bastet worked her first miracle while he was in the dungeon:

!Hero's Diary
10:34 A spring of living water broke out of a wall just in time to revitalize already worn out heroes. The miracle was attributed to Ginger Bastet.

The group encountered no bosses and after one minor detour to the south, found the treasure in 47 steps. Ginger Bastet navigated during the latter section.


He tamed a Firefox on the 9th of December 2013 -

!Hero's Diary
08:37 I looked into the kind eyes of the vanquished monster and suddenly decided — Firefox, you'll be my pet! And I'll call you Dumbo. Bandaged his wounds, gave him a treat and fastened the leash.

Future career

Ginger Bastet and Golden Cat do not plan to chase more records. He may hunt occasionally just for fun, but the game is rigged against active players and we see no point in paying Godville for the privilege of beating our heads against a wall trying to build an Ark in record time. Chasing Savings is a joke. Golden Cat would rather find a nice, warm, sunny corner of Ginger Bastet's temple, curl up, and dream of his glory days. Amen.