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A god, born from the fountain of which existence its self rests upon, a thought, a force, a physical embodiment of emotion, power, good or evil, Gentazille was granted life.


A snake, may that be metaphorical, literal, granted rebirth, start anew, Gentazille as their guide, their will, their very soul, power intertwined, a bond clear as water, though sturdier than life is to death and the cycle that it's deemed to repeat.


Serphos, a tale to be told, but how has this tale begun?

To chose a hero shall not be the same as choosing today's path, but a path of a lifetime. Accounting for the ups, downs, the will and might of a hero will never be an easy task. Picking a hero who acts out independently, strive while in danger, and find the end to any task. However, in the eyes of Gentazille, these thoughts, and opinions are relative, to choose something autonomous is the same to choose to be still. There is no development, no change, no challenge in finding a pre-determined outcome.

Serphos, in the lowest time, struck down and left in the dark, deemed a perfect candidate. To learn, to teach, and to progress, not only to the hero but a god themselves creates purpose, reason, what keeps time in motion.