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Champion of the God: FernuxBlader
Personality: Cruel
Gender: Male
Level: 19
Motto: Let It BURN!!!
Guild: Rise of Evil
Guild Rank: Advisor

''As The God of Warriors In The Planet Fernuxios (Which was Blown To Bits By A Battle With An Alien & A Golden Haired Dude) The God had sent his champion to Godville, Xadrek "Drake" Matakario & With only vague Memories of the planet's destruction..."

However, With The Champion, Came the Prized Maiden of The Planet... Arlene Nexal. Who, Upon Arrival To Godville, Was Captured By "The Darkness"

"He is perfect." Said FernuxBlader "He Must Save HER... Arlene..."

In San Satanos, There Was A Guild, Who Worshiped Evil, And The Darkness. So, He had Feigned A Dark Follower, And Is Currently A Cheif Master of Their Guild... Little Did He Know... They Saw Through His Ruse, And Had Him Right Where They Wanted Him...

He Was Sent To The Guild-master, Who Had Then, Secretly Hypnotized him to become an Feral hero

Now, His Own God, Who had Saved his life from a fiery demise, Is Spited By His Own Champion, Who Has Lost His Sense Of Justice, And Has Found His Inner Rage & Darkness, Whom Roams The Catacombs of His Guild, Searching To Find The Bound Arlene, For His Own... "Purposes".