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Message-waiting notifications for your user talk page

Hi FeRDNYC/User Talk Message, I'm leaving you this message because I see that your User page has been redirected to a main-space article, without provisions having been made for your User talk page.

GodWiki uses the original MediaWiki notification system, which was launched to facilitate Wikipedia collaboration between editors. (That system is no longer used on Wikimedia sites, as it's been replaced with cross-wiki collab-notifications.) The system in use here will display message-waiting notifications only for edits to an individual user's User talk page.

So, while it's absolutely fine to use a main-space article as your User page, unless the corresponding Talk page is redirected to your User talk page, you'll be missing out on the useful notifications feature. For those of you whose Talk pages have already received messages, in the past you've probably had to rely on checking for them or noticing them. The notification this message generated is probably the first you've seen, and hopefully illustrates its usefulness.

While there are certainly no requirements for how you manage your pages, I would urge you to consider placing a redirect from your redirected user page's talk page to your official User talk page, so that you'll be notified if other editors leave you messages.

To redirect Talk:FeRDNYC/User Talk Message to your user talk page, do the following:

  1. Visit Talk:FeRDNYC/User Talk Message, and Edit/Create the page.
  2. As the very first line (before the existing content, if any), insert the following text:
    #REDIRECT [[User talk:FeRDNYC/User Talk Message]]
  3. Save your changes.

From then on, anyone who visits FeRDNYC/User Talk Message and selects the "Discussion" tab will automatically be taken here (your user talk page) instead.

If you have any questions, need more explanation of the suggested change or the reasons for it, or if you'd like me to just take care of it for you (I'll be happy to), please don't hesitate to contact me using my talk page.