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Deities of Godville
Hero Gaylahad
Personality Irreverent
Gender Male
Motto Pain don't hurt
Skeatseria Lodge

It's-a me, FeRDio!

Here I am.

Contacting me

Note: While I am indeed here, I am not reachable within the Godwiki game interface (browser/app) — I never check the private messages there, so if you try to reach me there you may not get a response for a very long time. (Literally months.) You should leave a message here on the Godwiki at my talk page, instead.

All of my subpages

All subpages of User:FeRDNYC that aren't redirects:

ToDo list

  • Tick.png Done: Add Side Job mode to Template:Diaryquest?
  • Cross.png Not done: Hack on Template:Sign2 some more. (Abandoned)
  • Tick.png Done: Finish fixes to Template:Sign (as detailed).
  • Tick.png Done: The massive undertaking: Template:Infobox.
  • Tick.png Done for now: Activation data enhancements to {{artifact}} infobox.
  • Yellowtick.png Partly done: Convert old infobox templates to Template:Infobox.
  • Try to rewrite {{quote}} using HTML5 structures, possibly a set of flexbox'd <div>s. (Right now it outputs a <table>!!)
  • Changes to {{Diary}} to:
    • Accept formatted entries (possibly generated with a {{Diary entry}} formatting template)
    • (Prelim idea:) Accept those entries as unnamed parameter(s?), e.g. {{Diary|{{Diary entry|...}}...}}, leaving |text= semantics untouched.
  • Add |boss-quest= to {{Monster}}, for linking mini-quest bosses to their quest article?
  • Rotate the rainbow tables at Personality and Alignment to be vertical rather than horizontal, because for all their squished unreadability they're still way too wide for mobile. Horizontal scrolling is the devil's scrotal lint.
  • Update the docs at {{Navbox}} to reference {{Navbox items}} rather than {{Navbox list}} — use the new {{Navbox items|mode=example}} form to create {{fake link}}s when demonstrating autolinking. We kind of let the housekeeping on this one slip away, in all the flurry of JanuWiki 2019 activity.

My absence

(Posted: 16:13, 10 March 2019 (UTC))

All I'll say about my recent (two-week!??!) absence is:

  • I hate plumbing.
  • It's impressive how much water a sewer connection with a small leak can dump into a basement in a very short time. (And how awful that can smell!)
  • Burning all of your clothing starts to feel like a realistic option surprisingly quickly, turns out.
  • Best of all, it's still not over so I expect my presence will remain infrequent for the next week or two.