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Championed by the Hero: Gaylahad
Personality: Irreverent
Gender: Male
Motto: Pain don't hurt
Guild: Skeatseria Lodge

It's-a me, FeRDio!

Here I am.

Contacting me

Note: While I am indeed here, I am not reachable within the Godwiki game interface (browser/app) — I never check the private messages there, so if you try to reach me there you may not get a response for a very long time. (Literally months.) You should leave a message here on the Godwiki at my talk page, instead.

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ToDo list

My absence

(Posted: 16:13, 10 March 2019 (UTC))

All I'll say about my recent (two-week!??!) absence is:

  • I hate plumbing.
  • It's impressive how much water a sewer connection with a small leak can dump into a basement in a very short time. (And how awful that can smell!)
  • Burning all of your clothing starts to feel like a realistic option surprisingly quickly, turns out.
  • Best of all, it's still not over so I expect my presence will remain infrequent for the next week or two.