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Deities of Godville
Goddess Emptysora  the Something(?)
Heroine: Sora Amasaki
Personality: pure evil!?
Gender: Female
Motto: There is no fork!
The Old Gods
Guild rank: Master
Long Term
Gratitude: 2339th
Templehood: SOON™ (at 89.7%)
Short Term
Mastery: 7817th
Construction: 175th
Survival: 11076th
Destruction: 1st or 2nd, usually
Duelers: 2334th
Twitter @EmptySora_  
Discord Sora#3169
Steam Sora  
3DS FC 4339-2936-5103
SWITCH FC SW-5013-9609-6998
MAL EmptySora_  
Streaming & Videos
YouTube EmptySora_  
Twitch EmptySora_ EmptySora_  
Wikipedia EmptySora  
GitHub EmptySora  


Really, the message on my Wikipedia user page explains most of the things I would say here.

I like Godville, I like GodWiki, and therefore I shall contribute.


Um... someday I'll remember to populate this section...

NOTE: I welcome constructive criticism of any kind, along with all kinds of feedback. Please contact me through my talk page for anything. If I'm online, I'm bound to see it pretty quickly.




As a sidenote, chances are, I will note write chronicles for my Heroine because:

  • I already have a setting established (in the writing I’ve been doing in my spare time) and the setting of Godville doesn’t fit that (namely because my character does not drink, and lives in a world that doesn’t even have religion.)
  • The chronicle would likely not be rated G (in the YenPress rating system of LMSV (at least I think it was LMSV, it’s been a few months since I’ve touched one of their books, which is rare for me, give I read hundreds a year) my writing is usually LMV but regularly LMSV and would be considered to have the parental advisory warning. That’s just for my personal story I’ve been writing though. My private wiki details the setting of this story.)
    • This isn’t something I can really change for this site because of the nature of my character.
    • Not going to link to such material, or post such material, so don’t ask. My character’s cruelty has no bounds~.
      • This is why I try to stay “pure evil!”
  • I don’t usually like my writing. Rather, I find it usually only neutral. There are maybe five subplots in my character’s world I actually really enjoyed writing, and I’ve written the equivalent of 18 full volumes (180~ pages or 45,000-55,000 words). (I’m actually excited because at around 22, I’ll hit a million words~! Not many people can get engrossed in their own story like that~!)

Though, I know I just wrote that, but, I might write some just to challenge myself.



User Talk


Sandbox: User:Emptysora/sandbox

Category Thingie: User talk:Emptysora/dummy

Todo List

All items are currently on hold until monday or Tuesday (11.18.2019 or 11.19.2019) due to IRL obligations. Jeez, sometimes life sucks. But hey, it’s important. (Or the Internet can exist and make my IRL obligations easier, wheeeeee)

  1. Rewrite all the pages with Template:Quest, Template:Equipment, Template:Aura, Template:Tavern, Template:Geography, Template:Monster, Template:Town, Template:Skill, and Template:Artifact templates such that: (finished latter part of "A", and through end of the category (only in Category:Stubs))
    • The template uses all the necessary parameters (eg: adding caption or latin)
    • Perhaps edit said templates' examples such that the columns be laid out accordingly. It would encourage keeping the templates readable and easily editable.
    • The template parameter values are all aligned in the same column such that its easier to see what the value of each parameter is, eg:
| image       = <!-- Image -->
| caption     = <!-- Caption -->
| type        = <!-- Type -->
| number      = <!-- Number -->
| status      = <!-- Status -->
| description = <!-- Description -->
  1. Go through the pages linking to Disambiguation pages (such as Godville (Disambiguation)) and see if any pages can be linked directly to the article in question (so that a disambiguation page isn't what is linked to).
  2. Go through the Category:Stubs pages and see which ones should be removed from said category.
  3. Maybe rewrite Category:Artifacts pages somehow such that the crafting recipes are more systematic and orderly. (thinking maybe a table? or is that too heavy-handed?)
  4. Add Template:For and Template:About (done, only supports up to two other pages rn though) similar to how they exist on Wikipedia.
  5. Rewrite the “Guideline:” articles to reflect the template style choices, new templates, etc..
  6. On the Godville pages, use the About template to link back to Disamb.
  7. Make a pantheon infobox...?
  8. Repurpose the Maintenance, rewrite (such a hatnote already exists), and restructure categories for hatnote templates.
  9. Go through all the unused files and mark unnecessary/irrelevant files for deletion. Perhaps add them to /dummy surrounded by a span with display:none, to remove them from the special category
    • ”GodWiki is not an image-hosting platform, and images should never be uploaded "in case they're useful" or "to be used at some point" but only for immediate use in an article. Images which are not used in articles may be deleted without notice.” (From rules)
  10. Go through the remaining files in uncategorized files and categorize them.
  11. Change the link targets for links to redirects that redirect to the same page with different spelling or punctuation such that the links don't point to redirects.
  12. [I know there's more that's supposed to be on here, but I remember them off and on as I've been knocking these off, completely forgetting to add them]

I'm also considering going through and relinking a lot of pages so lowercase names of page titles and "s" titles are not necessary (and perhaps can be later removed?) Eg: All but one of these pages exist: Boss-monster, Boss-monsters, Boss-Monsters, Boss-Monster, Boss monster, and Boss monsters, Boss Monsters, Boss Monster. Is this necessary? Shouldn't we [[Boss-monsters|Boss monster]], [[Boss-monster]]s or whatever instead of having seven redirects to a single page? These redirects all appear on the search auto-complete too. When you type "boss" into the search box, six of the ten results all point to Boss-monsters. Three of them are Boss-Monster Hints, and one is just Boss. I'll gladly go in and relink the pages so the redirects aren't necessary, if it's agreed upon. I just feel that redirect clutter might be confusing for new users, and those not used to MediaWiki. Just tossing it out there. (I'll probably add this to the main page discussion if I get to it)

  • The redirects will stay, however, for consistency, I will go ahead and link everything to the final destination instead of redirects

NOTE: Please scream at me [politely] if I made a mistake (or fix it yourself if you can), I'm going through hundreds of pages, I'm bound to mess up one or two.

EDIT: lol, it already happened once.

NOTE: As another note, I made a script to do the formatting of the templates for me (with auto-adding necessary parameters, as well as sorting the parameters in a consistent manner), I'll be looking closely, but, sorry if there are errors (I doubt there will be though...)

The script I made is on my github, if anyone is curious, or wants to use it. no documentation on it. template formatter (if it ever shows as NOT being non-existent, here's the not-live version)


  1. Go through the unused templates category. (DONE)
  2. Go through Unused Categories and see which ones should be deleted (adding them to the page at the top so they’re removed from the unused report.) (DONE)
  3. Go through the Category:Stubs category and add the unnamed first parameter to all pages needing it. (DONE)


  1. Modify the navboxes such that the current page be bold and not linked. Current idea is to swap out [[Link|Display]] with something like {{lnk|Link|Display}} where Template:Lnk is {{#ifeq:{{lc:{{PAGETITLE}}}}|{{lc:{{{1|}}}}}|'''{{{1|}}}'''|[[{{{1|}}}{{#if:{{{2|}}}|{{{!}}}{{{2|}}}]]}}. Is this too heavy...? (This should work, exactly like linking normally does, except it’s a template call. It would make navboxes easier to use. Eg: I have a Sun Dog and i was trying to see if it had an ability listed in the navbox. It took me a bit to find Sun Dog because of the sheer number of links. Doing this would make it clear which one is the current page.) (LIVE DEMO (ABANDONING)
    • Slight sidenote, current implementation fails with namespacing. We need to compare PAGENAME with #titleparts (all), and NAMESPACE with the specified namespace or NAMESPACE if not specified (not sure how to do the last part.) (ABANDONING)
    • Go through Template:Navbox items and move most of the duplicate html to Navbox item such that maintenance is much easier. (Move everything that is duplicate) (Abandoned, not really necessary, per se, this was considered due to the hard limit of 99 list items. But with my modification to the documentation, that’s been resolved.)
    • Try to fix the link/bold code such that linking works regardless of capitalization. (ABANDONING)