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Important.pngAware of dog
pleas pet dog
GodDogginus (U • C • T) Builder 3rd.pngFavorite 2nd.pngFiend 3rd.png
Builder 3rd.png
Favorite 2nd.png
Fiend 3rd.png
Deities of Godville
Hero Bnyleigh
Personality Territorial
Gender Male
Motto ~^O^~ Diet Juice!
Favourite Town Dogville
LSF team

Dogginus is the major god of domestic wolves, also known as dogs, born somewhat 300 miles above Dogville. With the IQ of a dog, he is considered very smart. Because of this, Dogginus is considered to have the IQ of a . He was perfectly trained and the mortals loved him. And the other dogs. And the cats. Which didn't love him for long. Anyway, here's the list of activities Dogginus enjoys.

  • Chasing any kind of rodents.
  • Chasing furry monsters.
  • Chasing little kids who thought he was going to hurt them.
  • Chasing heroes all the way to Roflopolis and back, often helping them on their quests.
  • Using his hero as a chew toy.

Dogginus's Conquest

Dogginus is a very on-track god, and has several things he would like to complete. They are all listed below.

  • Take over the Wiki.
    • This includes vanquishing BlueStapler's reputation under the weight of his own.
  • Have his hero be featured on the daily newspaper.
  • be petted