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Too late, I already created something.

Deities of Godville
Heroine Ende - 20 Mai 2056
Personality INTP-A
Gender Male
Motto I'm an [A]lt recycler! 👹
Favourite Town Unsettlement
Underperforming Sinners
Guild position Highest after founders

My godname is Djeti, here is my page, please don't forget to rate my chronicles, the first two linked pages also count to my chronicles.

My heroine is Ende - 20 Mai 2056, there are German words inside because I am from Germany. The name means that the world ends on May 20, 2056. It doesn't mean the complete end, the apocalypse only means the end of the world how we know it and the beginning of a new world.

You want to know what INTP-A means? Then visit, also make the test please and write me the result. Mainly it means that I have very much thoughts about many things, if you want to know more about those thoughts, you have to do just one thing. Please add me as friend!

What Godville consists of or The personalities of 43 people who told me their result:
9 INTP (including myself)

My motto says that I'm an alt recycler. What does that mean? If you no longer want to use your alt or even finish the game, it would be a waste of all the invested time and many names are no longer possible for others. But that does not have to be. If you add me as a friend, you can give me the password for the account and I'll take care of the account. In addition, if you want to get the account back or aren't sure, we will arrange a password which you have to tell me with another account. It is also possible to set certain procedures regarding the arena, dungeons, sails, guild, chronicles, friend list (if I have permission to speak to them, I will tell them that the owner of the account has changed) and others. But if you are absolutely sure that you no longer want the account, I will offer it to others as well. The accounts to be offered will then appear here.

The devil shows that I'm a member of a guild of sinners. But we are also good in the arena, look in the pantheon of duelers if you can find the devil more often in the mottos of top duelers.

I have the highest position in the guild after our founders because I am a top dueler, very active in the guild council, write a lot for the godwiki page and recruit many new members. I also recruited some of our top duelers (Hyt4yhu, Matteo the Holy, Vanillinne, The Azure Darkness and many others).

Unsettlement is my favorite town because the map abbreviation remembers me at my guild Underperforming Sinners and 48 is a number I like a lot.