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Destiny Avoided is the pronounceable pseudonym for a God who's Origin Myth is a bit out of the ordinary, at least for most modern Gods who preside over Godville and its denizens.

  • All Gods need a Hero. Without a Hero, a God is just an idea that nobody has.
  • All Heroes need a God. They may later reject their God, or be abandoned by said God, but without a God, the Hero never arises.
  • Most of the Gods of Godville are all-powerful beings who created the universe. Gods can do anything, and if more than one of them created the universe on their own, who are we mere mortals to see problems with this?

The Hero Fait was given a Destiny before he was born. The fates had decreed that he would become the hero of the family God. The USENET Oracle understood this, and tried to communicate this to Fait, but bad luck and avarice garbled the message beyond recognition. The warning about a mean dog was mixed with the announcement of his dedication to a God, and his name got truncated. He went to meet the God who would be his personal diety and got lost, and before he found his way to the mountain top, the God who was his destiny mistakenly chose someone else with a similar name and make him His Hero, which did not turn out well the God or his new Hero.

When Hero arrived at the mountain top, there was no God in Godville for him to champion. The fates are very stict about this: Every Hero must have a God. When the universe was one God short, the vacuum this created was filled by a new God, complete with backstory, and Fait became its hero.

Since the old God was Fait's destiny, this new and unformed God was Fait's Destiny Avoided.

Note that neither the diety nor the hero know this.


Destiny Avoided and his hero Fait are members of the Blue Feather guild. Despite his blue plumage, genetic tests have shown Destiny Avoided is a Cardinal. Fait hasn't noticed the discrepancy.

Destiny Avoided and Fait have at one time or another appeared in all of the pantheons except the Pantheon of Destruction. Most of the time, Destiny Avoided can be found in the Pantheon of Gratitude and the Pantheon of Storytellers and Fait can be found in the Pantheon of Creation, the Pantheon of Might and the Pantheon of Construction.

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