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Deities of Godville
Almighty Lord of all Demons, Demon Lord Azaroth 
Hero Abraxas Caricosa
Personality A laid back and carefree demon who finds turning his "hero" evil quite amusing.
Gender Male
Motto "To rule is to serve."
Guild of the Demon King


Azaroth Maladeus is the Lord of the Demon Realm, a Realm encompassing 20% of the Omniverse. He is said to be the most powerful being to have ever lived in the Omniverse. Alongside his growing family of demons, he lives a calm and joyous life. Single-handedly, he ushered in an era of prosperity for the demons. Now with a thriving population, immense power, and a feeling of demonic unity, there is no place to go but up for this Lord.


Born of the Ether

Within the everlasting expanse of the Omniverse lies a substance known as the Ether. The Ether is the fundamental energy of all life, all matter, and all energy. All things begin and end with the Ether. Of course, most do not take this belief quite like Azaroth Maladeus. While most beings are born from a soul composed of energy from the Ether, Azaroth was born of the Ether itself. His body and his soul formed from the Ether itself. Because of this, his childhood was spent alone. He did not have parents to raise him nor a family to care for him. This was 198,672,924,110,835 years ago.

A Humble Childhood


Azaroth has a large family that he dotes over with all of his heart. To him, his family's happiness is more important than his own. His family even cuased his heart to shift, turning him from an evil conqueror to a loving leader. With the start of his family, gone was the Azaroth of old. Now, he lives a calm and peaceful life with his husband, children, and more. Let's meet them.

Demi-Lord Azazel

Azazel prestidigitating something fun.

Demi-Lord Azazel is a Fallen Angel turned demon from the Heaven Realm. This Realm is that of the angels, ruled over by a being simply known as God. Having received a prophecy that he'd find love outside of the Heavens, Azazel worked to fall. After thousands of years, the young angel was successful at being kicked out of his home. When he awakened, he found himself at the foot of Azaroth himself. It did not take long for the two to fall in love. Only a mere 10 billion years after meeting, they were married. To learn more of this origin story, please read this short story that Azaroth himself wrote.

Azazel's role in the family is simple: He runs the family. Despite being far weaker than most of the rest of his family, his word is final in the home. Azaroth is powerless when faced with his husband. His personality is kind, loving, flamboyant, and almost aggressive. If he wants to give you a hug, he will give you a hug. Your say does not matter. He is also quite quick witted with his sarcastic sense of humor. Do not try to sass him. He will sass back, and far harder too.

Azazel's passion lies in one area: Food. For eons he has been the head chef at the Abyssal Bakery & Café, a humble eatery that has expanded through the entire Demon Realm. During a Realm-wide cooking competition, Demi-Lord Azazel ended as the runner up. To say that his cooking skills are great is an understatement. He even went as far as to fire the royal chefs and appoint himself as the one true cook for the Maladeus family.

In summary, Demi-Lord Azazel is a beloved member of the Maladeus family. As the husband of the Lord of all Demons, he garners great respect from his demonic subjects. He cares for his family and his realm, wanting the best for all of both. Just make sure you don't end up the victim of his sass. It's too powerful for even Azaroth to handle.

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