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Goddess DarkAngel718310 Heroine DarkAngel718310 庙 Level60 MottoWheres the beef? Age 6 years (2202 days) Personalityneutral Guild Hufflepuff (matriarch) regent ― 131 days Monsters Killedabout 104 thousand Deaths69 Won / Lost16 / 20 Temple Completed at11/28/2017 Wood for Ark33.7% Savings1M, 458k (4.9%) PetDouble dragon Stubby 19-th level Equipment Weapongrater of two evils +70 Shieldshield of invincibility +70 Headmasque of the red death +73 Bodynuclear waistcoat +69 ArmsPaci-Fist +70 Legsknickerbockers of glory +70 Talismanmortal coil +69 Skills falcon punch 36-th level effect of the groundhog 33-rd level clinical strike 30-th level epitaph writing 26-th level glance of Kaa 26-th level teeth gnashing 25-th level quantum fireball 25-th level mass effect 24-th level tin throat 21-st level mating contact 19-th level Pantheons Gratitude7514 Might17305 Templehood25391 Mastery6145 Taming3886 Survival5501 Savings6186 Arkeology6302 Unity257 Popularity191 Duelery156 Achievements Moneybag, 3rd rank (48%) Save 3 million gold coins Coach, 3rd rank (20%) Have sparring fights with 10 different friends Raider, 3rd rank (20%) Loot 5 treasures from dungeons

06:40 AM A pickpocket stole my coin purse and suddenly he was struck by lightning out of nowhere. Managed to get back my purse but only found a gold brick instead of gold.