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Champion of the God: Centuria
Personality: Righteous
Gender: Female
Level: 68
Motto: Hugs!!!
Guild: Hug Central
Guild Rank: Grand Master
Guild Position: official party planner & *FREE HUGS!* Hug Booth Operator
Temple Completion Date: 06/10/2013
Pet Type: grounded hog
Pet Name: Bess
Pet Level: 19



Centuria's name (above) was used without her permission as the cover art for a heavy-metal band featured on a foreign-speaking website. The band was disbanded after producing only one album.

The picture of Centuria in her uniform was used with special permission from the author J.S. Tarkowski.

Hero's Diary

Centuria is the first hero in Godville to have a physical disability. She takes it very personally when people make fun of anyone who is "differently-abled" and is an advocate for all heroes' equal rights to play, fight, and ignore voice commands. As you can see in her photos for sponsor Arizona AFO's ; she wears custom-made, articulated Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFOs) due to Charcot-Marie Tooth.

Centuria has been around since the days of text adventure games playing in MUDs. She was named for the fact that she is an old soul with memories of things that happened over a hundred years ago. She has a particularly gentle nature, and never deliberately hurts anyone or anything unless it is a monster that is trying to kill her. In which case; she believes the best defense is a good offense or at least a decent exit strategy.

Centuria has a tendency to add random friends every chance she gets and gets especially excited when other heroes happen to do the same for her. She takes care to try to send at least an initial hello message to each of them at some point in time as soon as she discovers they are officially her friend, and tries to send them a HUG! at some point in the conversation that is hopefully not too early to be awkward or appear stalker-ish.

Centuria's motto "HUGS!" is a way of life for her and has always been the word "HUGS!" in various formats including all capital letters, all lower case, or some combination thereof. Her motto is also her hero's greeting as she passes fellow heroes - she also has a tendency of actually physically hugging any hero who wanders close enough for her to do so as a friendly gesture of kindness and in memory of her beloved nephew, "TyeDye".

Centuria entered her name as a registered trademark and has copyrighted her motto *hugs!!!* with legally binding, notarized documents on file at the Godville Administration Courthouse. Please be reminded anyone seeking a personal copy must complete and submit a minimum seven page double-spaced, typed essay in the standard Godville Officiating Documents format using any font under the Calligraphy category on any hug-related topic of the writer's choice; along with the request application form completed in triplicate form and submitted along with the nominal fee of a personal hug to Centuria as required payment prior to the dissemination of proof of copyright or trademark.

Centuria declared herself independent sometime around August 2014. She is married to Godville hero Spencer Christian, although for reasons unknown somehow her last name was omitted from her official name change request.