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Deities of Godville
Hero Nonspecific
Personality Pure neutral!
Gender Male
Motto "Oh, my God{|||dess}!"
Favourite Town Godville (Town)
7 Deadly Sins
Guild position Regent

You've reached my user page. Please feel free to use this page for its intended purpose, whatever that may be.

I'm just a normal Godville player and wiki editor. Feel free to visit my talk page if you want.

List of pages to improve

This is an (obviously incomplete) list of the wiki pages that need fixing but that I haven't gotten around to rewriting yet.

Page to fix Type Comment
Bargoyle Monster
Cyber Punk Monster
Wrecking Bull Monster
Undercover Elephant Monster
Semi-demi-god Monster Needs monster template
Titanium Gingerbread Man Monster Minor grammar/typos
Bulletproof Pest Monster Needs a better picture.
Epic Flailer Monster Quote needs fixing
Predatortoise Monster Needs template + photo
Solar Bear Monster Minor grammar and spelling fixes
Evil Genius Monster Needs "the such and such is a monster that"
Synthetic Organism Monster Doesn't follow the guidelines
Ghoulkeeper Monster Needs rewrite
Warrior of Attrition Monster Stub
Ghost of Quests Past Monster Needs expansion/picture
Vengeful Mole Monster Minor restructure to match guideline
Wiki Lynx Monster Stub
Battle Rattlesnake Monster Stub, rewrite, picture
Hammer of Realignment Artifact Stub
Magnum Opus Artifact Stub
Sir Render Monster Stub and rewrite
Media:Laplandvillesymbol.jpg Image (!) Needs a better picture without a watermark.
Biological Nightmare Monster Minor rewrites
Sabertooth Fairy Monster Rewrite
Like-a-Boss Monster Monster WIP/rewrite
Arctic Firebird Monster Rewrite

Note: Feel free to add to this if you'd like.

Super-Advanced Daily Godville Times Newspaper Archiving System™

I've set up a system to automatically capture each day's Godville Times newspaper. To view the archives, click here. For technical details, see below.

Super-Technical Details
The fabled Super-Advanced Daily Godville Times Newspaper Archiving SystemTM, in all its glory.

The system is running on a 2012 Raspberry Pi Model B, running Raspbian Linux. It's connected to a small WiFi dongle (the glowing blue part in the picture) to give it internet access. I keep it in a cardboard box (not pictured) so the blinking lights aren't visible and/or annoying. Interestingly, since it is a Raspberry Pi, the entire setup is only about three inches wide (excluding the box).

The system is set using a daily cron job to use wget's web spider mode to ping, which causes to save the page in its archives. (This is the URL you're sent to when you save a page on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. You can theoretically use this to save any page in a similar manner if you specify that page's URL in place of the news link.)

Because of the way I have my cron configured, the page will most likely be archived at or around 10:25:05 each day, according to the records.

Note that this won't work if my system is offline for some reason (eg. power outage, failing internet router, "accidentally" unplugged, etc.), so if you see that today's newspaper hasn't been archived yet, feel free to do it yourself by clicking here.

Note: I'm not actually the one storing or hosting the archives; does that. All I'm doing is telling them daily to save the page.

(Like my gradient?)