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Deities of Godville
Arthuri Victori 
Heroine [[Victorique Vang Bat-blue-eyes-japanese-clothes-jpeg-artifacts-katana-kimono-konpaku-youmu-rokuwata-tomoe-short-hair-sword-touhou-weapon-white-hair-hd-wallpaper 836221389.jpg]]
Personality Vicious and Virtuous
Gender Gentleman 🎩
Motto Pyon.jpg
Favourite Town Victoria Memorica


GodArthuri Victori (U • C • T)  guilds that I am in

This is God Arthuri Victori and his heroine chronicle : Victorique Vang

Heres a little help and guide to temple builders


Temple completion at : 11/21/2015 21:50

Total Usage time for temple : 3 months 5 days (95days)

Day of heroine birth : August 19 2015

Day of getting started : 9/10/2015 November10

Bricks count at startpoint : 8% ( 23days for 80 bricks )

Total wondering days : 23days

Real usage days : 72days

Total slack period : 20 days (1%perday)

Total charge purchased( for temple) : 520

Total charge wastage : around 100 ( for duelings and boss fight high waste)

Arena record (for temple) : 139 / 39

Arena ranking (jr.) : *6*____ 883.2

Daily Goal :

  • minimum_: 10
  • average__: 13-17
  • higher___ : >20
  • peak____ : 35 (during Halloween)


  • Set a Daily Goal : 10bricks per day --- 100days in total
  • Record your daily construction ( before you sleep )
  • Vote every ideas in the ideabox --- double praying
  • Proceed to Bingo
  • Melt every 3000gold into brick
  • For pure duelers : 4win + melting
  • For pure diggers : 4 boss fight + melting
  • For combined strategy(BEST) : 2win + 2 boss fight + melting

Guide for Diggers

  • Dig for Boss fight
  • Dig for treasure : 1500gold to 2500gold
  • Dig when you have high hp
  • Dig after healing in town/ praying in town
  • Dig at every milestone (Available while finding path easier and returning to Godvile harder (Quest completion) )
  • Dig only twice in one minute
  • Dig while the earthly news change freshly ( traveling)
  • Dig while 2 - 3 bar moved in earthly news in a minute (Finding path, Returning town ---- they will be 3 earthly news instead of 2, 1 will not work )
  • GodVoice Ignorance :
  1. Send GodVoice at the next earthly news
  • GodVoice No reply :
  1. Can dig if 1st voice ignored
  2. Don't dig if 2nd voice ignored -- most probably monster encounter
  3. Wait for next minute and dig

Guide for double strategy

  • After losing a duel, if you have more than 65% GP after your prayings, you can start digging
  • After winning a duel, use 1 to 2 influence at the trader either to melt a brick or gain gold from trader
  • At 100GP, after praying. Just go and Dig
  • In 4 hours cooldown for Arena.
  1. After winning - Dig
  2. 2hours later (after visiting 1 or 2 town) - Dig
  3. Go to Arena
  4. Repeat cycle

Guide for non payers

For non payers, you still can go for both digging and arena strategy

10bricks a day is still possible, its just like my slack time

Heres how I do at my slack time- not purchasing any charges

  • Vote every idea in idea box to get double prayers
  • Accumulate Godpower when you are busy, or before you sleep
  • Go for pure diggers strategy.
  • If you are going to arena, go on full 3 charge and full GP
  • Try not to play with 0 charge and 0 GP( I once tried, and get a philosopher stone, with 5 bold. *could have easily get 5 bricks)
  • Accumulate on good praying days or good hearing days(depends on your usage)
  • You may carry forward your extra brick that more than 10 in that day. if you find it hard for next day.
  • Melt bricks if you have GP
  • You can choose to not melt if you have less charge and only 3000 gold coins ( you can hope that the hero to buy a brick, sometimes using all 3 charges fail to melt too)
  • Punishment gives easier melting( you might not want to care your alignment atm)

Utilizing Forecast day

Day of Good Praying
  • You will get 50 GP every praying
  • If you have double prayers, you will get to 100GP if you have 0GP
  • Keep 25 to 50GP at the trader to melt gold bricks
  • Finish all or most GP after the trader
  • For non payers, its a good time to accumulate Charges
Day of Good Hearing
  • Most of the Godvoice(Gvc) can be heard, but a little higher tendency to be ignored
  • Send Pray Gvc to increase your GP to max
  • Continue with your digging
  • If fail dig and lost GP, start sending Pray again
  • Send Heal Gvc if HP is red
  • Send Gvc every 30 seconds
  • Do not let GP drop below 20% or 0 (just keep praying and regain the GP)
  • If Gvc is ignored, send Gvc at next earthly news change
  • Successful Dig and waiting for Boss, at this time, continue with your Pray Gvc
  • Try to save some GP after a Boss fight, then pray and regain GP
  • Melt bricks and keep Praying and melt again
  • Pray to max GP and send to Arena
  • Don't do anything while waiting for the opponent
  • You can play for hours on this day

If you find this is useful, you can take a look on my heroine Chronicles for some entertainment too.