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About Me

Okay yeah I'll put stuff here... later. I'm lazy.

For now, all you need to know is that I'm trying to set the record for the fastest non-payer temple!

The bulk of this wiki page is currently dedicated to my guide for how temple as a non-payer. More below!


What follows is (currently an incomplete, WIP) guide of how to go about building your temple quickly. When completed, it will include:

  • How I went about templing
  • How I would recommend you beat my record
  • How I would recommend a new player builds their temple

And surprise surprise, they are all very interrelated!

Note: I did not have the resources to try using paying alts to dig to bosses with a non-payer alt, and hand boss wins on a platter. I have no idea whether this would be more effective than the Arena. Anyone who wishes to use this method to beat the record is welcome to, as far as I'm concerned, but if you're looking for a guesstimate of its effectiveness you're going to find one here. I'd wager that while it could help you edge out an advantage, the tactic would still have to be combined with a competitive Arena record.

Key Terms

your godpower(GP) meter. Full bar means 100%, half bar means 50%. If no quantifier is given, assume a full bar. When thinking about things in terms of charges, 1 bar => 1 charge, and 1 charge => 1/2 bar.
aka condensing or melting. The process of using influences (encourages or punishes) to turn 3000 gold coins into 1 gold brick. I think of it as condensing because 3000 things become 1, and may refer to it as such.

The Essence of the Matter


The Human Element


The Arena


Arena 101: The Basics

See Hairplug4men's Arena Guide. Reading his guide is a prerequisite course for the other classes. [reserved]

Arena 137: Picking Battles

"He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious." -Sun Tzu, The Art of War

If you go all in on a fight (3 charges, no GP left, potentially even using the godpower cap in the newspaper), there are two possibilities.

A) You win. In this case, you get 1-3 charges, depending, but on average, you get 2.

1 is given free
1 you can accumulate from your full bar
If you got enough gold from the win, you'll get a bar @ temple.

That said, I find that I only tend to get 2 because if I have enough gold to refill I usually opt to try to fuse a brick. At approx 25% chance of fuse success, 100% bar at 3k gold is a brick in the accumulator or a brick in the temple. 1 brick per charge is a really sweet deal, so I fuse. Then, on average, however much GP I use I get back at temple, so I accumulate that. There's the two charge average. On a more time = more gold match, it's typically only 1 because I spend both bars (before and after prayer) trying to fuse the hoard of gold my heroine is holding.

B) You lose. This sucks, and is a solid contestant for the #1 slowdown to temple. You can often still get 1 charge back at temple on a loss, which honestly isn't that bad. Even so, accumulating 3 charges can take a whole waking day.

Outcome A is awesome. I'd estimate that on average, between gold fusions and extra goodies, A nets 1.5 bricks. Also, as noted above, I'd estimate getting 2 charges back on average, meaning you spend 1 charge and 1 bar. Especially since it takes half bar to send to Arena, this is 1.5 bricks to 1.5-2 charges (depending on how you want to slice it). Either way, this best-worst-case scenario is very GP efficient and one of the biggest reasons why the Arena is a huge must if you want to temple fast.

However, outcome B is not great. You lose 2.5-3 charges, depending on how you want to slice it, and gain nothing but experience (which, if you learn from it, is invaluable).

So how do we get A while avoiding B? The answer is in the art of identifying a loss before it happens. The most effective way to do this is to know thy enemy.

Enemy Classification

"It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle." -Sun Tzu, The Art of War

There are essentially five different kinds of opponents you will face in the arena. Distinguishing between them is of utmost importance.

Be careful, as all of these are just guidelines. If a player has few matches (< 20), you have to keep your guard up. With a small sample size, it can be very hard to gauge a player's tier level, and you should avoid jumping to conclusions.

When in doubt, ask yourself this: are you trying to temple quickly, or well? If you are trying to break my record, then when in doubt, lose. Seriously, losing gold and half bar is nothing compared to going all in on a loss. But if you just want to make it to temple economically without breaking your wallet, then when in doubt, fight! Winning gives you bricks, but losing, provided you reflect upon your mistakes, gives you invaluable fighting experience.


In case it isn't obvious, AFKers don't do anything more than hit *send to arena*. They are free wins. They tend to die out past the first 15-20 levels, and after your elo floats from wins. Enjoy the free bricks when you get em. Some of them can have fairly even win rates, because they tend to do ZPG arena, but most of them have significantly more losses than wins.


(colliqually known as Possums)

These guys tend to eke out about a positive win rate by pretending to be AFK, feasting on the desire not to spend charges, hoping to strike when you let your guard down. The advantage you hold from putting out 10 uncontested vc's is usually plenty to win a match easily when they start to fight, but you have to always stay vigilant in your matches in case they're faking.

These can actually have fairly high win rates, but it varies. It's hard to climb to more than 2 wins per loss by faking it though.


These guys try to play arena, but if you take my advice and you learn from your own experience, you can tear through them like paper.

These people are still going to beat any AFKers because they put in a token effort into their matches, but their inexperience and/or lack of understanding of the basics of Arena leads them to make frequent mistakes. If you play well, these matches should be easy, but you should still be prepared to go all in for them. Some of them are willing to expend resources, but simply don't know how to most effectively use them.

You can usually beat a paper without going all in, depending on the amount of effort they put in. That said, you'll regret the day you lose a match because you thought you could save a charge or two. Be wary.

These are middling, but net a positive win rate because AFKers are a thing.


These people should be roughly your equal. These might be payers who constrain themselves to an alignment pantheon, or skilled non-payers. Someone who is a player one day may be a paper the next, or a slayer (see below) the day after. These people are roughly on par with or better than you, skill wise. However, they all share at least a remote understanding of the basics of arena, and put out a competitive effort almost every match.

Personally, I find these matches the most entertaining, win or lose. Skill plays a very active role in these matches.

Whether or not you should fight a player depends on a number of factors, including your confidence in your abilities, your available resources, the means by which you play arena, your history with the person, etc.

You can identify a player by the fact that they net a quality win rate (more than 2 wins per loss). They will climb to the top 100 in the Pantheon of Duelers with enough time. The best of them can hold a spot in the top 30. However, it is important to note that players exist on a spectrum, and the lines between papers, players, and slayers(see below) are very blurry. Knowing how skilled you are, at the moment, is important when determining how difficult the win will be.


(or Skilled Payers)

These guys are almost always going to beat you. Even if you get lucky with a 3-charge limit, they probably recharged in queue, giving themselves a huge edge on you. Fight them, and you will get burned. Your best bet is to just AFK these matches and take the loss.

Not all payers are slayers, but almost all slayers are payers. Either they pay with their money or they pay with their time, and they don't go into the arena without significantly more than 3 charges. Slayers often have active templed, paying mains, similarly high ranked. Their mains are often quite reputable, they know dueling well and are experienced, and they DO NOT KNOW FEAR. Okay, maybe they do, but they have way more resources than you do.

They can be identified by their high rank, pristine win rate (more than 5 wins per loss, often less than 10 losses). They also frequently (but not always) have fun names, reference their mains, or are loyal to a guild in their main.

Given time, they will easily climb to the top 30 of the Pantheon of Duelers, the best and most active of them hold lofty positions among the top 10.

Arena 201: Advanced Techniques and Stratagems