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GodAreoth  is a narcissistic being who portrays himself a God and has convinced a poor fool to worship him.

Deities of Godville
Drawn Turtle.jpg
Hero Telrunya
Personality Good
Gender Male
Knights who say Ni
Guild rank Master

The Small God

Areoth is one among thousands of gods, but a god cannot be a God unless he has followers. Fortunately, for the God Areoth, he has followers... well, follower. He also appears to his follower(s) in the form of a turtle. To Areoth, the turtle represents absolutely nothing. He just really likes to mess with people.

Areoth is a kind God who leads his follower, Telrunya, on the path of glory and righteousness. Despite the many faults of his follower, Areoth continues to encourage him to push forward to greatness. Also, Areoth can get bored easily. That is why there is a Bible of Areoth... somewhere.

The Sole Follower

Telrunya is the single follower of the God Areoth. He stands about 5' 9", with brown hair and eyes. His masculine build and scruffy beard may create the illusion that he is a worthy warrior, but his shriek of an 11-year old girl quickly corrects the perception. His blind devotion would make any God proud, if he weren't as incompetent as he is devoted. Despite this small setback, the God Areoth has tasked Telrunya with building a temple of gold. With this temple, Telrunya will spread the word of Areoth.

Journal Excerpts

!The Book of Telrunya
*From now on, I shall completely devote myself to my quest, Most Righteous One! I shall not deviate from... Oooh! A little puppy!
  • Noticed a notice on a notice board by the road saying: 'If you notice this notice, you'll notice that this notice is noticeably not worth noticing'. Why did I take the time to notice that?
  • Experienced a brief moment of frozen time today as the word 'AUTOSAVE' flashed above me in the sky, then vanished just as quickly.
  • I never chose to be a hero, but I can't remember being anything else.


Shortly after Telrunya accepted (he didn't have a choice) the word of Areoth, he met Forrseti. Even though Forrseti worshipped the Goddess GodThalina , they became fast friends. Through thick and thin, they coward together in the face of danger. Since they do not typically quest together, their meetings are brief and pleasant. However, Telrunya always manages to get hit in the face with each occasion. Neither can figure out why, and to this day remains a mystery.



Tigger is a Rocky Raccoon and Telrunya's first pet. Telrunya found Tigger digging through his backpack one morning and decided he should keep the raccoon. Unfortunately, Tigger didn't understand the concept right away and proceded to bite and claw at Telrunya for several hours. After the thrashing, Telrunya still wouldn't let Tigger leave, and their friendship as cemented at that moment. Tigger saved Telrunya's life on several different occasions, until they encountered a fierce troll. To save the unwitting hero, Tigger pushed Telrunya out of the way of the troll's fierce hammer swing. Tigger did not survive the endeavour. Telrunya terrorized the pubs for days afterwards... until he met Behemoth. Tigger's final level was not recorded.


Behemoth is a very misleading name for a Dust Bunny, but after Telrunya's first encounter with the creature, it couldn't be helped. Thier meeting occured in a dark cave in the middle of the day. Behemoth was looking for food and stumbled across Telrunya sleeping in the cave. The light from outside projected Behemoth's shadow onto the wall in a much heightened scale. The result was Telrunya thinking he was about to be assaulted by a behemoth. Once Telrunya discovered his mistake, he changed his pants and fed the poor dust bunny. They've been friends ever since. Behemoth is currently still living as Telrunya's companion.


Telrunya is currently a Master of the Knights who say Ni guild.

Pirate Party

In his early days of questing, Telrunya decided he needed to join a guild. He knew that he would not be able to complete his ultimate quest without aid. It was then, in the town of Trollbridge that he discovered recruiting advertisements for the Pirate Party. As time progressed, so did his rank. This was not due to any effort of Telrunya's, but to the miracles his God, Areoth, had performed. Once the miracles complete, Telrunya would rise and proclaim them in the name of the Pirate Party. As a reward, he was once allowed to stand close to Seppel, who founded the guild at the command of his God, GodHuxi . Telrunya was a Cardinal of the guild at the time of his departure.

Knights who say Ni

After a large amount of time in the Pirate Party, Telrunya decided that he wanted to be a careerist. So, on day 810 g.e., He found himself listening to a prophet from the Knights who say Ni and decided that he could definitely get used to yelling "NI!" at strangers. On that day, he set out to join the guild.

Give the Chronicles of GodAreoth  a 5-star if you were amused!