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Deities of Godville
Heroine Aria Fauxvue
Personality Absent-Minded, but Well-Meaning
Gender Female
Lords of the Pit
Guild position Recruit

Arcanedreamer is the Goddess of the Waking World - specifically, the vague state of consciousness where dreams intermingle with reality, and ideas are born.


Arcanedreamer isn't always mentally 'present', mostly as a result of primarily dwelling on a plane of endless possibilities and outcomes. She often forgets that reality exists in a far more constant state than dreams, and is thus confused when other gods get upset at her for forgetting things. This sometimes results in her displaying a mild form of anxiety when interacting with her fellow divine beings, but most of the time she's cheerfully laid back and acts in a manner similar to someone who just woke up from a nice dream.

She's far more peaceful compared to a vast majority of the other gods. In fact, she rarely - if ever - utilizes her divine punishing abilities, mostly because she doesn't enjoy even the thought of inflicting pain onto others. She prefers dreams over nightmares, after all.


Due to Arcanedreamer's odd relationship with reality, her appearance would best be described as constantly changing. At the moment, though, she's going through what she calls her 'Guardian Angel Phase' - so for now, the only thing consistent about her appearance would be her manifestation of wings and a halo of some sort. Everything else is still fair game.

For now, the last time she created a humanoid form is the image that everyone thinks of when visualizing her.

The Notebook

For some reason, Arcanedreamer always has a notebook laying somewhere near her current location. The contents keep changing, and it's entirely in her handwriting - but when asked about its existence, she just shrugs and says something along the lines of 'it just shows up wherever I go and updates itself'. She once claimed that its purpose is to help her keep track of what's 'real', and for a time that was the truth, but then she forgot about that and later claimed that it was a planner. The cycle repeated a few times before the notebook achieved its present status: An amalgamation of some sort of archive, a planner, miscellaneous bits of writing, and some artwork.
She doesn't mind letting others look through it - there's even a section towards the back where there are blank pages for one to write to her, after which she'll eventually send a message back to the writer(usually through a dream, but she has gotten creative before).
At present, this is the main contents of the book:

GodWiki Articles Written
Random Things I'm Doing/Have Done
Task Status
Implementing the new Aura template Completed!
(For Fun) Making Various Pixel Art for GodWiki Ongoing - Probably won't end for a while
Making a navbox for mushrooms Released into the wild - it is complete

Art Stuff

(BTW feel free to use - Most of the stuff I put here are things that I hope will spruce up future GodWiki events)

JanuWiki 2020 Art
Winter Hourglass (+Potential JanuWiki timer?)
The beloved Mascot of JanuWiki 2020
Random GodWiki Article Art