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Deities of Godville
Hero Obedieth
Personality Depends On Who’s Judging... otherwise, All Mighty
Gender Male
Favourite Town Tradeburg
Dragon Lords
Guild position Follower

AllMightis, also known as AllMightis, or AllMightis, has repeated his name in his introduction three times just to temporarily confuse mere mortals and less superior gods who probably thought that the format of the clause suggested that AllMightis’ User profile would mention two of the god’s nicknames that aren’t “AllMightis”. If you fell for it, which you did, you are not omniscient and therefore not a true god! GET REKT!


The name AllMightis is derived from the English language, which is derived from Latin, Greek, Germanic, Celtic, and other dialects that add up to prove that the origin of his name stretches way back into a past to point of which even the oldest Heroes cannot remember: before the last twenty minutes. (Author’s Note: Judging from the first trick: since you’re probably too stupid to understand anyway, the I’m not going to even bother explaining each root in AllMightis’ holy name)

About AllMightis

It was a sweet summer day in The Beginning, the not-yet-existent birds were about to chirp and the not-yet-existent wind was about the whistle, when out of nothing, came something... something all mighty and all knowing. That’s right atheists, all knowing, which explains why AllMightis can come from nothing because he knows it happened, logically explaining why AllMightis exists: he knows he exists, therefore he exists. He also know’s you just googled a possible rebuttal to this statement and clicked on a link to RationalWiki. You wanna be rational? Come to GodWiki instead!, and not the fake Reddit version!

Author’s Note: You call AllMightis and ask “well mister, who created you then, eh?” First of all creation requires time, but time was nonexistent in the beginning until AllMightis invented it in no time, so AllMightis was simply there from the beginning and is uncreated. Confused? Serves you right to be a stupid, atheists!

So that something, all mighty and all knowing, was ALLMIGHTIS! And AllMightis gave himself absolute dominion across the world. Then, AllMightis was known as “God”.

You know the rest of the story: (Insert 31,102 verses of the Bible)

Through an American high school student, God gained control of his own Hero, Obedieth, in a ZPG app, and in it He called himself AllMightis. The purpose of this is to reveal to us that we would have ended up becoming mentally deficient alcoholics fighting imaginary monsters from a Dungeons & Dragons game edition originally crafted for retards and Donald Trump’s Twitter followers if God/AllMightis had not sent Jesus Christ the Savior to Earth to fulfill the Mosaic Covenant and die for all humankind’s sins.