Unlootable item

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Artifacts of Godville
Unlootable item
"Arrrrrrr me hearties, I spy Unloot..."
Type 💎Bold
Description Lootable or not? Would be nice to decide!

Beware of Unlootable items as they are always cursed and protected by diverse traps and pitfalls.

Oh sure they are bright and shiny and immensely valuable, but do take note of the skulls and bleached bones scattered about. And snakes.... snakes with fangs dripping venom, slithering around just waiting for your torch to go out.

If you are reaching for that shiny, golden treasure, pause for a minute and just go back and read the occult health and unsafety warning signs first.

Do note that the curses attached to all Unlootable items are remarkably persistent and astoundingly disfiguring. We strongly recommend that you run all such items through the Alchemical transmuter first to try to remove or at least dilute these maledictions.

Seriously, we did warn you ...
  • As seen in the Weekend Godville #886

Day 1133 g.e. Don't get rid of your old Unlootable item - analysts say that increased demand will make the price soar in the near to infinite future.