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Monsters of Godville
Unicornis taurus
Class Hybrid
Habitat Grass field
Description A unicorn-cow hybrid with unibrow

The Unicow (Unicornis taurus) is a hybrid between a unicorn and a cow. The unicorn is a holy animal, but the unicow's stupidity is an insult to everything holy. Therefore, the unicow is a Monster that must be smited.

The unicow has overall cow appearance with a unicorn's horn and a dark, thick unibrow resulting in a perpetual frown resembling a disapproving father in law. The unicow is infertile, but both male and female produces milk in toned down rainbow colors unlike the unicorn's bright poop. Colors include chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, mango, and original.

Despite a hero's anthropomorphism, the unicow is not intelligent enough to be envious of a hero's status as heaven's beloved or hate him for some reason. It is simply an incredibly stupid animal with unstable mentality that resulted from bad breeding.

Artificial Creation

A unicorn's horn and a cow's hide can be used to summon a unicow by sacrificing it to the Monster God. An alchemist (automatically atheistic) might use those to transmutate one into being. Similarly, a hero can also summon one by sacrificing those materials to his God or Goddess, usually to grind experience or for the nutritious milk. This might anger the God or Goddess though, and the hero that dared to do this risk getting struck by lightning instead.



  • Stupidly strong
  • Sharp horn
  • Nutritious and pretty milk


  • Heathenly stupid
  • Can't breed so always very rare
  • Basically more livestock than monster