Underperforming Sinners

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Underperforming Sinners
Motto: Trying is the first step towards failure!👹
Alignment: Neutral
Gold Fund: 28997 c.u.
Date Founded: 12.12.2017
Membership Count: 55
Pantheon of unity Rank: 56, union sounds like onion!
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 13, wrecking havoc in every town!
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 5, climbing higher and higher!
Pantheon of adventure Rank: 86, dropping the beat!
Forum Headquarters: Underperforming Sinners
Guild Page: Underperforming Sinners 
Data current as of 30.07.2018

What our guild consists of

Underperforming Sinners is a guild of misfits, rejects and lazy heroes/heroines who couldn’t complete quests and upset their gods greatly and constantly. After years of punishment, they have somehow banded together to share their suffering upon other heroes and heroines in Godville in the one place they can – the arena! UnderprfValues 1.jpg This isn’t an organised, cultured, guild with „rich history“ and high levelled super-heroes like so many others. We don’t have an elite group of veterans, or huge numbers of fans. So, why be a minor character, why be just another face in the crowd, when you can be a significant part, an equal?

Our oldest members

This is a little list which includes all active members that are 3 months or longer in our guild. You can ask a page editor to add you or do it yourself if you still aren‘t in the list. It tells something about ourselves like why we joined the guild, where we are from or which is our Myers-Briggs type. But it also includes information about our importance for the guild like duelling a lot (the numbers in braces are the wins divided by losses), adding content to this page or recruiting new members.


Guild founder, called JP, from Spain, ENTJ, dueler (4.7)


Alt of Derelict Red, from USA, dueler (2.9)


Alt of Ngma, from USA, INFJ


First leader, recruited by Djeti, has chronicles, from Australia, INTP, dueler (3.6), page editor, member of the Night Squad


Recruited by Djeti, from Singapore, INFP, dueler (1.8)


From Malaysia, ENFP, dueler (6.0), member of the Night Squad

GodChildish Gambina 

Alt of Portico, has chronicles, INFP

GodMatteo the Holy 

Recruited by Djeti, has chronicles, from Italy, ENTJ, dueler (3.4), recruiter


From USA, ESTP, dueler (6.3)


Alt of Ursina, has chronicles, from USA, INTP, dueler (12.2)

GodThe Azure Darkness 

Recruited by Djeti, has chronicles, from Singapore, INTJ, dueler (4.4), member of the Night Squad


Recruited by Matteo the Holy and Djeti, has chronicles, from Italy, INFP, dueler (4.2)


Recruited by Djeti, from Singapore, ENFP, dueler (2.0)


Has chronicles, from Russia, INTJ, dueler (2.7)


Recruited by Djeti, has chronicles, from France, dueler (2.9)

GodJohn Wolvin 

Alt of Munkymaraudr, recruited by Djeti, from Jamaica


Recruited by Djeti, from USA, dueler (3.0)

In memory of

former members who extremely influenced the guild

GodStandup Jumper 

Guild founder, has chronicles, called SJ, from Spain, INFP, dueler (4.2), page editor


Recruited by Djeti, has chronicles, called princess, from Portugal, INTP, dueler (5.0), recruiter, member of the Night Squad


Called DJ or bunny, from Germany, INTP, dueler (2.1), page editor, recruiter

Joined the guild because of Standup Jumper, stayed because of Vanillinne, left after they left, told it already at the 19th of June 2018 but really left on the 3rd of October.

What others have thought about him:


“meeting Djeti is life-changing xD He makes people do stuff they never expected

Maybe we are soulmates and we don’t even know. Come stalk me instead. I like nerdy guys

Djeti is actually a cool person and he is someone who can have interesting conversations about multiple different topics. And he has a witty sense of humour and he is a dedicated friend who worries about people’s problems even thought it might seem like the complete opposite. His only problem: he never starts with the right foot. If Djeti didn’t start every conversation with new people making an excessive amount of questions and demanding answers I bet he would have many friends. People could also give him a chance and try to know him better, but that’s just my point of view.“

Vanillinne started to write a list with ideas on what to write about Djeti:

  • impatient
  • knowledgeable
  • rational
  • stubborn
  • strong-willed
  • methodical
  • inquisitive
  • humorous
  • lacking some common sense in some situations
  • witty
  • unique
  • doesn’t show it much, but definitely has a sweeter side
Standup Jumper

“You should try to be nice to people Djeti. Try to fake it at least, because I don’t like how you talk to people.

We’re here to have fun, not being controlled or being told what to do.

The game is fun, you’re not. Even though I appreciate the effort you put into creating the content for the guild, that doesn’t compensate with the headaches you give me when you type in here with all those huge paragraphs of nonsense.

And you’re judgmental. Nobody likes to be judged all the time.

You can be exhausting.

And stop saying the ‘nonpayer’ think. It’s starting to get on my nerves. You’re not special for not paying and who pays isn’t special either. It’s a feature, you can use it or not. Your tone is demeaning and you need to stop judging people."

What he is saying other gods about Djeti:

“don’t make eye contact with him. He’s a cyborg who’s AI is programmed to absorb souls.”


“You’re really bad at reading people, aren’t you? But it’s fun so well.

Still, you’re doing a great job at investing yourself in your guild.

Bratty *and* positive af, haha

You’re a funny guy. Not sure if impervious, stupid or willingly oblivious but entertaining for sure. Wonder what kind of adult you’ll grow up to be!

Of course, that’s only from godville, so it doesn’t account for much."


Djeti participated at Godville’s First Battle Royale Tournament at the beginning of May 2018 but did not thank for the charges, at the middle of June after they were opponents in a duel they spoke again about that and he finally thanked her. That was the answer:

“I know you’re a socially weird duck so I forgive you

The entertainment you give me pays me back plenty"


“I’ve never found Djeti annoying. Funny usually at worst but even that’s not a bad thing.

Your mind sorts top down apparently, or conceptually. You have categories that you have definitions for, and as you come across things in the real world you sort them into predetermined categories.

You’re odd but truly special, in the best way. Don’t let assholes tell you different."


“To be honest I’ve never actually found him to be annoying, sometimes rude but I never think it’s intentional. I just don’t think he knows better. I suspect better social skills will come with more social interactions.“

Internal groups


That are all the persons that are doing additional tasks for the guild. Without them the guild wouldn’t become so popular in the world of Godville. Because of this we wish to have more overperformers in the guild of underperformera. In the moment we have our page editor GodHyt4yhu , as well as our recruiters GodMatteo the Holy  and GodAnthoer The Brave .

Night Squad

Their official foundation was at the 3rd of June in 2018 but it existed before. That was the name GodVanillinne  had for the persons who were still active in the GC during the night. These persons are GodHyt4yhu , GodMe-Mo  and GodThe Azure Darkness . It is unknown if you can still join this group today but being active at night (European time) would be a requirement.

JOIN US TODAY (or not)

We have way more than our fair share of the top duelers, and are very happy to advise, coach, teach, and give training of some sorts to everyone in here to become a formidable force in the arena. We have a vibrant guild council chat which is full of nonsensical conversations, but mainly focused on duelling. Duelling is also the best way of getting experience, levelling up, and of course, acquiring golden bricks and logs for the ark. Our dream is reaching the top of the duelery pantheon, and you can help us do it, because we don’t want to lift a finger (too much effort)!

How to join U(nderperforming) S(inners)

You consider yourself a good dueler and want to share your exploits and awesome strategies with others? Or… you want to properly initiate yourself in the arena and need some tips?

Then send your hero/heroine our way with this message:

Join „Underperforming Sinners“ guild

The best way to succeed when launching that godvoice is to be out of town and outside a fight with those stupid monsters. You’ll probably need to send the order several times. Try to wait 15 seconds between each sending if your hero/heroine responds sarcastically to your godvoice, like they always do. Ertificateof membership (3) (1) .jpg

How to stay

In the first 3 month of membership the hero/heroine will try to join another guild, to avoid that you have to cancel the quest. It’s easy if you follow the hints for sending messages which are already written for joining. But this time you have to send the following message:

Cancel quest

It is also helpful to warn others when they are leaving the guild. You can see that at this page.

Important stuff for new members

The first things are the most important.

  • use the RED YELLOW GREEN system to avoid unintended duels against guild members
  • add 👹 to your motto to show that you are an active member of our guild


  • use divine influences in towns to increase our pantheon of popularity rank, use miracles if you have a temple
  • write in the GC when you want to drop to dungeon (only temple owners)
  • help the guild with additional tasks like writing for this page or recruiting new members
  • rate the chronicles of other guild members (5 stars would be great)
  • the personality of your hero should be near the alignment of our guild

Write at our forum or GC if you have more questions. You could also add someone of the oldest members if you have more questions.

Our Home: The Arena


If we want to be at the top of the pantheon of duelery, we all have to try our best to succeed in the pantheon of duelers. To achieve this, it is important to avoid fighting each other as guildmates. Our solution was to create a system:

Duelers are matched against each other based on their victories:

  1. juniors with 0-4 wins
  2. juniors with 5-50 wins
  3. juniors with 51+ wins
  4. seniors

If you send your hero/heroine to the arena you need to write in the Guild Council (GC): R and your group number to warn everyone you're going in.

During that time, no one will launch to arena while we wait for you. Once you're matched you will have to nofity everyone:

- If your hero/heroine hasn't found an opponent after 10 minutes write in the GC: Y and your number.

- If your hero/heroine has entered a duel you write in the GC: G and your number.

Here are all possibilities: R1, R2, R3, R4, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, G1, G2, G3, G4

Hall of fame

Here you can find our best duelers (top 100) at the end of every season.

Season 1/2018


GodStandup Jumper , place 1, 923.6 points

GodJpainousm , place 2, 901.9 points

GodHyt4yhu , place 7, 791.7 points

GodAlpha Smokes , place 22, 716.1 points

GodDjeti , place 27, 701.1 points

GodTrail , place 28, 700.6 points

GodShaman Matthias , place 78, 639.2 points


GodRootz , place 77, 569.3 points

Season 2/2018


GodVanillinne , place 1, 944.8 points

GodMe-Mo , place 2, 921.4 points

GodSevastos , place 4, 845.5 points

GodMatteo the Holy , place 7, 820.3 points

GodMunkymaraudr , place 10, 793.9 points

GodThe Azure Darkness , place 11, 776.3 points

GodJpainousm , place 15, 754.0 points

GodStandup Jumper , place 32, 699.1 points

GodMio-wau , place 35, 690.9 points

GodThe God Frog , place 47, 670.0 points

GodGrammatical , place 48, 669.5 points

GodDjeti , place 56, 655.9 points

GodGood guy scammer , place 57, 654.8 points

GodMighty Dee Dee , place 90, 618.1 points


GodAyula , place 6, 747.6 points

GodHeleX , place 13, 707.6 points

GodRootz , place 63, 568.3 points

Season 3/2018


GodAnthoer The Brave , place 3, 853.7 points

GodLysalyncella , place 11, 747.9 points

GodSevastos , place 22, 699.3 points

GodMio-wau , place 27, 672.8 points

GodGlreude , place 68, 597.8 points


GodJpainousm , place 9, 727.6 points

GodMatteo the Holy , place 12, 687.0 points

GodMultiman , place 18, 637.9 points

GodHeleX , place 22, 634.2 points

GodDjeti , place 34, 606.1 points

Pantheon Equations


Points Gained/Lost Equation: First a scaling factor E is applied: E=1/(1+10^((your rating – their rating)/400))

Then your new rating = your old rating +/- (25*Е)

This means the most points that can be transferred is 25.

Practically, if the difference in rankings is 200, then an upset can transfer 19 points, but if the higher ranked player wins, only 6 points goes to the winner.

If the difference is 100, then the upset gives 16 points, or the favourite winning gets him/her only 9.


Points Gained/Lost Equation (apparently): [wins²+(wins*losses)]/(losses+1.5)