Unconventional Conventionists

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Unconventional Conventionists
Motto: Let there be lips!
Alignment: humane
Gold Fund: ~24045 c.u.
Leader: GodWerik 
Date Founded: September 2011
Membership Count: ~34
Pantheon of unity Rank: 189
Guild Page: Unconventional Conventionists 
Data current as of 02/01/18

The Unconventional Conventionalists are a group of gods caring about new ways to keep the old ways, their guild members and all sorts of puns.


In the beginning the guild seemed to be inspired by the The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The remainings of this are the iconic logo of red lips, the motto "Let there be lips!" and the following passage.

Striving to make the Annual Transylvanian Convention last all year!

I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey...

It seemed a fairly ordinary night when Lokimin and his fiancé Saedista decided to venture out to form the Unconventional Conventionists. It was a night out they were going to remember for a very long time.

If you are looking for your guiding star, see that there's a light, are ready to give yourself over to absolute pleasure, and are wondering where all the motorcyclists came from, look no further! Come up to the lab and see what's on the slab.

 And, most importantly, remember:
 it's just a jump to the left.
 Then you step to the right;
 put your hands on your hips,
 and bring your knees in tight.
 But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane...

Paradise is to be mine, erhm, ours!

Guild Leaders

No. Term Name Competitors Notes
1 ? Jaller ?
2 11/30/15 - Dahuta Martiinius
3 15/10/17 - Werik Dahuta


While the feedback to Jaller's term was positive a trend to "blame Jaller" came up. This tradition remained even after his term and was used as a election promise in the next term's election.


Dahuta followed up on Jaller's rule and became the funny leader. Introducing regular free ale sessions as part of his election campaign promises. Let us never forget his witty jokes as he gracefully stepped down 29th of March 2016

if i loose/win i will blame you @jaller
— Martiinius, Guild Council on 11/16/15


During the election Dahuta gave away extracts of their list of election promises. The following were recorded:

  • #?: "If i get elected I promise to preserve the I blame Jaller weekly discussion topic" (11/17/15)
  • #327: "Every vote will be valued... unless you didnt vote for me then its counted as a mistake and added to my tally anyway." (11/26/15)
  • #3452: "I will make pigs fly when elected getting all nerd those hot dates to prom as they were promised" (11/22/15)
  • #7843: "Everyone that votes for me have their salary increased by 300 theoretical coins!" (11/25/15)
i cant deny that a love flying pigs, #Dahuta2015
— Doomxd, Guild Council on 11/23/15

Old stats

Date Headcount
12/08/15 ~89
07/27/15 ~122
03/28/12 ~169