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And on the 26th day, the UmbraRex was born, and Godville said that was good.

Being an UmbraRex was quite lonely, seeing how there was only one of its kind. A truly unique being unlike any in Godville: a creature with human legs and a lizard upper body.

The uniqueness of its form came with a price--the UmbraRex was always filled with saddness from a life of boredum and a crushing feeling of loneliness.

The UmbraRex constantly searched for more of its kind, but to no avail. The world left the UmbraRex feeling out of place and forever searching for somewhere to call home.

This being of two drastic halves could never make itself feel whole. And so, the UmbraRex was torn apart.

The UmbraRex led a short and sad life. When all of Godville learned of the death of the UmbraRex, they were filled with uncontrollable grief. Their tears refused to stop and flooded the land with water.

Thus ends the short tale of the UmbraRex.

UmbraRexes Anonymous is a tribute to this creature who just wanted to find a place to fit in. This guild is home to all that feel out of place and are searching for their family.