Turn of Rincewind

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Skills of Godville
Turn of Rincewind
"There's no point in looking behind..."
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

The Turn of Rincewind is a combat skill that is all about speed and luck.

Although it is a combat skill, it is not a fighting skill, it is a survival skill. First and foremost it is all about running. Running away and most definitely running from.

The aim is to polish this skill to the point where one can truly concentrate on the true Art of Running - head down, sandals flapping, eyes focused on the path ahead and not looking back. Oh it may sound easy, but too many are tempted to peer backwards to see if the enemy is closing in, only to trip on the first tree root. No, this is truly a talent to be mastered to ensure one lives to see another day.

This skill was perfected by a gutter wizard, as you have guessed, by the name of Rincewind. He perfected this talent to the point where it was actually marketable and then passed on this knowledge from a small shop-front on the 'Street of Cunning Artificers'.


Level 1-10

At entry level, the aim is simply to master the all-day-steady-jog. The recruit is blinkered such that they can only look straight ahead, and they are encouraged to value the day as they may never see another if they do not learn the basics of this important talent. We find that the occasional poke from behind with a sharp pole helps the student focus.

Level 11-20

After some practice, the trainee is taught the techniques of steady and rhythmic breathing and is then sent out onto a narrow street full on enraged bulls. If the student survives and has really picked up on this skill, they will move on to outpacing furious bees and stampeding donkeys. If they don't survive, well they are just another red smear on the training grounds.

Level 21-30

We are not really sure what the true adepts are capable of, as we could never find them or catch up to one to ask.


Failure to even half-heartedly master this skill always results in the trainee being turned into a half-melted statue.

Should've ... run ... faster ...