Train the quick brown fox to jump over lazy dogs

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Quests of Godville


Train the quick brown fox to jump over lazy dogs
Difficulty: 6/10

Once upon a time, your hero found a bunch of lazy dogs. What shall I do with them, the hero thought? He couldn't train them because they had the memory of a tiny goldfish. He didn't want to keep them as pets for fear they would be as lazy as he was and well, the hero thought… we can't have that now, can we? No, he decided. He must train the quick brown fox to jump over them!!

The hardest part of completing this quest is actually finding the quick brown fox because, well… that dude is quick. Your hero will have to demonstrate the actual jumping over the lazy dogs a few times in order to teach the fox what he is supposed to be doing. If your hero stumbles or steps on the the dogs, he will have to hope the fox wasn't looking or start the process over again.

The quest is only considered "completed" when the hero has successfully gathered at least one random passerby to witness the fox jumping over the lazy dog. This usually takes 1/2-3/4 of a day, depending on where the hero is when attempting to find and convince someone to actually watch this trick.

Tip: Typing various combinations using ONLY the letters in the sentence quest in random order and sending them to your hero via voice commands is said to have somewhat limited results in speeding up the completion of this quest.