Tooth sampling

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Skills of Godville
Tooth sampling
"Arrrrrr, that be real gold then..."
Type 💸Trade
Description Unknown
A good reason to buff up the skill ...
Adept monk showing Level 30 side effects ...

Yes it's true that Tooth sampling is a general trade skill, but it was really developed by a monastic group of Heroes endeavoring to finish off building their golden temple before their angry God could smite yet another of their clan.

This unfortunate group of Heroes were swindled more than once by devious traders, passing off gold plated lead as gold bricks. Needless to say, their angry God started hurling thunderbolts at these hapless knights, furious at their lack of devotion and carelessness.

To further speed the building of their temple, the monastery started teaching this trade skill to the surrounding villagers - but always for gold coins as payment.


Level 1-10

  • At the first teachings of this skill, the user will know 'fools gold' from real gold at a glance
  • Phrases such "Friend, I have a bargain just for you" lead to instinctive violence

Level 11-20

  • After a few months of training, the wielder of this skill will never be swindled again, and will always get the better half of the bargain
  • The sense of taste reaches quite an acute level, with one side effect being that all deep fried foods become even more tasty than ever
  • Another aspect of the skill is an uncanny sense of the weight of an object compared to its size - gold is heavy and dense after all

Level 21-30

  • Rigorous training will leave the adept with an uncanny ability to sniff out the best bargain from a great distance.
  • There are always side effects at this intense level - most common being all the users teeth turn to gold to really help at finding a tasty bargain
  • Another side effect is that the vision becomes so sharp it can see though any gold leaf coatings of fake bullion