Tiny-Sized Giant

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Monsters of Godville
Tiny-Sized Giant
Tiny-Sized Giant 2.jpg
Class Massive Microscopic Organisms
Habitat Dust
Description Gigantic Little Person

The Tiny-Sized Giant is an unfortunate Monster.

General Information

A rare genetic disorder found within the tiny dust mite people, this creature grows above the diminutive, untouchable size of its species, and enters it into the next realm of size, just barely. This occurrence is very unlucky for the Tiny-Sized Giant, for while it grows thousands of times bigger than its own dust mite people, it only gives them a height of a few inches in the visible realm. Their safe, microscopic state is taken away, and they are thrust into a dangerous world.

They are not very dangerous, but must become scrappy to survive. The biggest hassle the Tiny-Sized Giant causes is thievery. When the heroine or hero is sleeping at night, this is often when this pest strikes, looting any coin bags they can find. However, if the hero wakes up, game over. Or even worse, the Tiny-Sized Giant could find itself making a great pet to a heroine.



  • Sneaky and small, sometimes hiding in a hero's armor
  • Scrappy, and good thieves
  • Not very smart due to genetic defect
  • Makes a fun pet


  • No combat ability
  • Easily manhandled
  • Cannot steal very much due to size
  • Terrified of being made a pet

Field Notes

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