Tinkerbell's Entourage

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Tinkerbell's Entourage
Motto: TBC
Alignment: Hanging slightly to the left peaceful
Gold Fund: 26143 c.u.
Membership Count: ~60
Forum Headquarters: Tinkerbell's Entourage
Guild Page: Tinkerbell's Entourage 
Data current as of 12 July 2016

"Do you believe in fairies? If you believe clap your hands. Don't let Tinker die." - P. Pan.

As Peter had his Lost Boys, so Tinker had her Entourage. Children who never grew up: sweet and adorable, playfully innocent souls. And vicious sods when nobody's looking.


The history of Tinkerbell's Entourage is lost in the mists of time. Its mother did tell it to tie a ball of twine to the front door so that it could find its way back, but it wouldn't listen.

In more recent times, the quiet was broken when sufficient members of Tinkerbell's Entourage decided that leadership was required. A fantastic battle broke out. Heroes strove with heroes and blood splattered the streets; the Gods Themselves lit up the skies with lightning storms, balls of fire, and other expensive special effects (the prime requirement of which was a loud kaBOOM!). Finally the victors ripped out the losers' organs with their bare hands and feasted on the gore!

Or perhaps there was just a vote: these things do tend to get exaggerated in the retelling.

Current Activities

When not questing, popular activities include:

  • Doing nothing
  • Complaining about others doing nothing
  • Drinking beer in the nearest tavern
  • Ignoring complaints about doing nothing
  • Copying out our diaries in our Best Handwriting
  • Telling people to stop doing nothing Or Else!
  • Hitting the snooze button
  • ignoring the bait to continue doing nothing

Membership Requirements

Seek entry to the guildhall all whom desire low wages, a bad reputation, unskilled guild mates who rarely communicate, and a lot of frustration not getting things done.

Heroes must fulfill one of two criteria:

  1. Have a Deity able to give the command Join "Tinkerbell's Entourage" guild; or,
  2. Be lucky enough to stumble across the quest themselves.