Time Consumer

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Time Consumer
Tempus edax
Strong Monster
Class Humanoid
Habitat Time itself, and also tea parties
Description A monster that eats away at the very flow of time

The Time Consumer (Tempus edax) is a fiendish monster that eats time while at a tea party, inviting only the most fabulous timekeepers, including Marty McFly and the TARDIS.

General Information

In battle, it constantly nibbles away at time, gradually making the hero older during battle. The hero will then sit in a corner and complain about his hair and speed loss, making him sob uncontrollably.

However, the Time Consumer is kind enough to lend him a tissue while making him shrivel past his old years. Photographers have attempted to record a picture of one of these elusive beasts, but each one was met with the same difficulty: the Time Consumer simply sped up the flow of time while the camera's shutter was open, horrendously overexposing the picture.

Thus, no photographs of this monster are known to exist.



  • Can make the hero grow older quickly.
  • Makes a mean crumpet.
  • Has lived for thousands of years, so knows the secret of 42 and why grass is green.


  • Chronically makes tea, even during battles.
  • Lends people tissues.
  • Is very, very, very old.
  • Is an absolute time waster!