Thunder Major Temple

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Once the people forget this holy place, then none shall ever come again

This temple, also known as "The Main House of The Flying Thunder God", is a very old temple which was built over 100.000 years ago. The owner of course, is Lord Yogans. And by the historical artifact founded there, it is known that this temple have 1 believe and carry on to 4 Major Era, which gonna be explain later, with also the holder overtime.

Currently, the data is still not finished, even the photo of the temple is not in storage. The current official holder, Dark Eagle, is currently searching the temple again, since like the words up there, which is written in the temple's wall, this temple surrounding will make no pass and confused traveler so it cannot be found anymore. Let's hope Dark Eagle can found it in the future.

The current data is the only data found in the archive of old history in the big library of the town Herowin. The other part of the temple and believe is ripped from the book, or rather eaten by time. or rats and bugs.

"I will found the might one's temple once again!" - Dark Eagle