Three Lions

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Three Lions
Motto: Angle-land!
Alignment: Virtuous
Membership Count: 1
Pantheon of unity Rank: 1
Guild Page: Three Lions 
Data current as of 10.01.2013

The Three Lions Guild is for the citizens and friends of the people of "Angle-land".

The people of this land are known as "The Angle-ish".

Angle-land is a place where all edges are sharp and there are no curves anywhere except for the fruit of the "ball tree". These black and white sphere shaped fruit is worshipped by the Angles and are known commonly as "fruitballs".

The Angles respect a person who can keep hold of their fruitballs and have huge ceremonies where the youth of the people contest in teams to gain control of the fruitballs. Non-contestants paint their faces in red and white and drink lots of beer and scream "Angle-land!"