The good and the bad company

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The good and the bad company
Motto: Never tip the balance
Alignment: neutral
Date Founded: May 17, 2015
Membership Count: 57
Guild Page: The good and the bad company 

This is who we are

The good and the bad company is made by the young hero, Liaama with the supervision of his mighty god, Loreentz.

The guild is formed in order to bring the balance in Godville. The guild does not favor the good or bad just balance.

The guild is sub-divided into two companies namely the H.O.R.N (Hell's Omega Race Nullifiers) company and the H.A.L.O ( High Angels of Los Oreos ) Each company is deployed in specific tasks: HORNS; fights the good if to much goodness is happening. HALO; fights the bad if to much evil is occurring.

Within the guild the HORN coy and the HALO coy are friends despite their differences.


This stenographer's record is the only known artifact that contains the beginning of this guild. Some may look like they don't have any connection with the history but I tell you, it has.

The godly stenographer's records of Loreentz and other gods conversation ( he's late that's why it's already in the middle of the convo )

130 b.l (before liaama)

Loreentz[1]: we created both good and evil for Godville's sake. We cannot just let the good prevail only because it is morally right.
Sly Grey Fox[2]: I cannot say you are completely wrong, but killing people just to maintain the balance?!
L: I didn't say anything about killing. I'm talking about brain washing some to bring the balance.
S: You're taking their own of free will. They have the right to choose between bad and good.
L: We created them to fulfill our will. What they have is the illusion of free will. If they have their own free will why would they make a temple in our name when they can just walk away.

Event: bduecnfjhc EERTQAKE njkdncjkjdksnkj Urtquake bkjilxm;;as earthquake njjxz;lk. (the earthquake is due to the epic entrance of Mommitude) Mommitude[3] enters.

Mommitude: because they don't have any choice they are programmed to follow his/her god.
L: See.
M: Is everything fine Sly?,
S: Yes. but I still stick to my belief that they have a free will. Loreentz you can do anything you want, but I dare you to touch my hero. Why are even talking about a guild you will make? You don't even have a hero yet
L: Yes I will not do anything to your hero. I'm just excited and I want to know if the supreme goddess is against me

1 b.l

The m1ght[4]: After a long study of the human anatomy and psycology you are now ready to make your own hero. Tomorrow in the heroforge all new gods will create his own hero and again history will happen.
Loreentz: I thank thy. For all the support, master.

In the Heroforge

Mommitude: Gods and goddesses of Godville I proudlly present to you Loreentz, Lady Penlord[5], and Grandour[6]. Today we will witness the creation of new heroes here in heroforge.
Lady Penlord: I'm going to make my hero so handsome even the godesses will fall for him
Grandour: Your thinking out loud again brother. J ust make your hero look like you.
M: You three get inside the heroforge. all three proceeded to enter
Sound of hammer hitting the anvil can be heard
sound of drill
sound of some sort of squishy thing

(the record is burnt so it skipped)

Loreentz: Create the "the good and the bad company" guild and make a forum about it.

after one day
Liaama: another quest bites the dust

(the following is not significant in the creation of the guild )


If you are good: You're going to kick some evil's butt.
If you are bad: You're going to make this land red using the blood of those who are good.
Both bad and good:

  • You can learn a different language including tagalog, you can also know a little about the culture of each member and you can talk to many interesting and fun people
  • Hero life insurance
  • Cozy chairs


Liaama, Molarc Bauld


This is were you put vlogs and any media about the guild

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