The Wild Hunt

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The Wild Hunt is a guild that is most famous for it's member's exceptional skill to track, hunt, and ultimately kill the strongest, cleverest, and fastest monsters from Godville to Roflopolis. It's also quite known for it's generosity for giving free beer to everyone every Monday, despite their fame for killing.

Though they would work small jobs here and there, the members of The Wild Hunt most often make a living off of hunting. It's office will accept any bounty and quest, as long as there is a paycheck (although gold coins are more preferable, since heroes don't understand how checks work and often just outright sell them for half it's intended worth). The office is open from Monday to Friday, from 9am till 5pm. There is free candy at the front desk.

The guild was founded by GodLord Melkor , a once evil overlord who fell from his cruel grace. And by his wisdom, The Phoenician built this guild. The Phoenician personally recruits each member of the Hunt based on their abilities and skills. A few examples are Blamon, who's blade is as sharp and cruel as the wielder, Four Legz, an expert and tracking down even the most hidden creatures, and Dark Eagle, who wields the strength to move mountains.

Although it's members are the best hunters of all the land, hunters often find themselves to become the hunted. Some brave members have fallen to fierce beasts, and some we're banished from the guild for their inactivity and the lack of their contribution to the culling of monsters. Right now, the guild is accepting new members who follows a strict criteria.

The Wild Hunt Weekly Schedule

Monday : Free Bee(r)

Tuesday : Free hangover pill

Wednesday : None (Still asleep from the pill)

Thursday : Free lunch and foot massage

Friday : Free haircut

Saturday : Praying day

Sunday : The Culling (Form a hunting party and slay beasts, celebrations on Monday)




-Able to treat injuries from scratches to dismembered limbs

-Able to do at least five shots of Deville Vodka (to survive Monday)

-Expert in parkour (For when weapons break before the talons and teeth of monsters do)

-Have insurance

-MUST ABSOLUTELY BE ACTIVE (Monsters breed like tribbles)

-Age 16-older (You can drink beer since 16 years old, so... Yeah.)

Bonus criteria:

-Can breakdance (What is beer without a little entertainment?)

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