The Warrior Pooflingers

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The Warrior Pooflingers
Motto: We fling poo!
Alignment: Poo for the greater good
Gold Fund: 19,000ish c.u.
Date Founded: 23 May 2012
Membership Count: 87
Forum Headquarters: The Warrior Pooflingers
Guild Page: The Warrior Pooflingers 
Data current as of fairly recently

Trust me.
Monkey excrement…

the last word in deterrence.

It’s a new arms race!
— Lord Ignatz


We are one of the newest guilds in Godville, and we decided to band together to promote merriment and good-matured, figurative poo-flinging. All kinds of gods and heroes are welcome here with the exception of drama queens. Any drama queens that join will receive insane amounts of poo flung in their direction. Hey, we may be odoriferous, but no grass is greener anywhere else in Godville!

Join us now, or remain a target.

In range... fire!
I fling poo.jpg